Detailed Admission Requirements For Credit Programs

Transcripts / Academic Assessment

Admissions requires a transcript from a high school, an adult high school diploma program, or a general education development (GED) certificate program. Applicants who have earned the GED certificate in North Carolina are requested to have a transcript certifying high school equivalency sent to the Admissions Office.  Click here to request the form from the State GED Administrator.

Students who have completed an associate’s or bachelor’s degree may substitute their official college transcript showing the graduation date in place of their high school transcript for certain programs. Students desiring transfer credit must request official transcripts from post-secondary institutions they have attended before credit can be evaluated.

Applicants for most programs will be required to submit scores on either the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), the American College Test (ACT), or the placement test given at Forsyth Tech. Other placement test scores will be evaluated by the admissions staff.

Information for the placement test is available in the Admissions Office. To receive practice tests, worksheets and tips on taking the placement test, contact the Forsyth Tech Learning Center at 336.734.7365, or Test results are used in helping students assess their skill levels and achievements in relation to their interests and desires. This information provides a basis for placing students in appropriate courses.

Admissions Requirements for Home School Graduates

A North Carolina home school administrator must show and provide proof that thehome school is certified by the North Carolina Department of Non-PublicInstruction. This means that the administrator must have a schoolapproval number (if available), a charter for the school, or anythingthat denotes approval from the North Carolina Department of Non-PublicInstruction and provide copies of this information with theapplication.

The home school administrator must also provide an official home school transcript. If thehome school administrator does not have an official transcript, aTranscript Form is available in the Admissions Office at Forsyth Tech.The transcript has to be complete before it is consideredacceptable.

If the home school administrator and/or the student does not havethe proper certification, the student cannot be accepted to a curriculum program at Forsyth Tech. The student must obtain a general education development (GED)certificate or adult high school (AHS) diploma from Forsyth Tech’sCorporate & Continuing Education program before being eligible toregister for a curriculum program.  If the student is 18 years of age or older, they are eligible to register as a special credit student.

General Admission Requirements for Credit Programs

The basic requirement for admission to any curriculum is a highschool diploma or its equivalent. Applicants who are not high schoolgraduates may arrange to complete their high school requirementsthrough the Economic Workforce Development program [generaleducation development (GED) or adult high school (AHS)].  Undocumented immigrants are eligible for admission as curriculumstudents at Forsyth Tech.

General Admission Requirements for Associate Degree Programs

The associate degree curricula requires students to have strongbackgrounds in reading comprehension, writing, and mathematics. Allhealth curricula use a selective admissions process. Students may applyfor only one health curriculum at a time.  Click here for Allied Health and Nursing information.

Students will only be considered for the curriculum listed on theirmost recent application. Students who want to be considered for adifferent curriculum must complete a new application.

Pleasenote that certain health technologies curricula must admit applicantsunder state statutes of the licensure agencies. The North CarolinaBoard of Nursing has state statutes that identify reasons forprohibiting licensure for associate degree nursing and practicalnursing graduates. The reasons are referred to the departmentchairperson.

All students in nuclear medicine technology, radiography andradiation therapy technology come under the radiation exposureregulations of the state and federal government (radiation safetyhazard regulation). Any student who receives exposure in excess ofpermissible limits as defined by the regulations will be advised of thepossible harmful effects and may be dropped from the curriculum. Theregulations pertaining to students below the age of 18 are morestringent than those for the older student.

General Admission Requirements for Diploma and Certificate Programs

In many curriculum areas, the courses earned in completing thecertificate program count toward the diploma and/or the associate’sdegree. Questions concerning the need for testing or the application ofcredits should be directed to the Admissions Office.

Transfer Credit

Applicants who have attended other post-secondary institutions maytransfer credits in courses comparable in content, objective, qualityand credit hours to those offered at Forsyth Tech. When granting atransfer credit is in question, the student may be asked for supportingdocumentation such as a course description or course syllabus.

For accepted students, Forsyth Tech evaluates transfer credit forequivalent courses with the grade of C or better from memberinstitutions of the North Carolina Community College System and otherpost-secondary institutions accredited by a regional accreditingassociation. Courses taken on a pass/fail basis will be considered onlyafter receiving (in writing) the requirements necessary to receive apassing grade.

The college transfer technician, director of records and theappropriate dean in consultation with the appropriate departmentchairperson will make the final decision on the transfer of credit forquestionable courses. A written evaluation will be sent to the student.

Credits transferred from other schools will be reflected onstudents’ transcripts as hours earned and will not be used in thecomputation of grade point averages. A grade of TR will be given toshow that the course was transferred from another college.

Many courses with technical or skill content have time limitationson the acceptance of transfer credit. This includes credits earned atForsyth Tech, as well as at other institutions. Generally, courses inthis classification taken more than five years before entry intoForsyth Tech cannot be considered for transfer purposes. The departmentchairperson responsible for the program of study determines thespecific time limitations.

Inquiries concerning transfer credits granted must be made to thecollege transfer technician in the Records Office during the student’sfirst semester of enrollment. If a student is dissatisfied with thetransfer credit granted, he/she should send a written request forre-evaluation to the Registrar. After consulting with the divisiondean, the Registrar, will notify the student of the final decision ontransfer credit to be granted.