WheelTime Network Launches ‘Connection’ Program Aligning Top Community and Tech College Grads with Positions Across the WheelTime Network

Forsyth Tech Selected as First WheelTime Connection Campus

Greensboro, N.C. – July 25, 2016 – WheelTime Network is proud to announce the official launch of WheelTime Connection, a placement and development program for graduating community college and technical school techs across the country. The WheelTime Connection program improves the alignment between community college and tech school coursework and the needs for new technicians in the commercial vehicle industry. Forsyth Technical Community College is the first to join the program and is currently the only North Carolina campus. Since Forsyth’s selection, WyoTech, based in Wyoming, has also joined the program.
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Forsyth Tech Opens Onsite Child Care Program to Train Early Childhood Ed Students

Forsyth Tech has opened an Early Childhood LAB School at 2410 Oak Grove Center on the college’s Main Campus in Winston-Salem that is designed to provide Early Childhood Education students with onsite supervised, hands-on teaching experience and instruction. The program is open to Forsyth Tech faculty and students as well as the general public and is now accepting applications.
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“It Will Absolutely Help You Find Yourself”

Angelo Herrera

Angelo Herrera, College Transfer Graduate

Big Goals

Angelo Herrera’s dream is to be a cardiologist, and save lives. “Saving someone’s life would be an incredible thing to do,” he says. But amazingly, that’s not his only career goal. At some point he’d also like to get into politics. “I feel like as a politician, I could be involved in many ways to help others. Pretty much both my career choices involve helping others. That’s what I really want to do with my future: help others and make the community better.”

Coming out of North Forsyth High School, Angelo wasn’t nearly so focused. “I needed more time to figure out what career and goals I was going to pursue,” he says. “I realized that going to Forsyth Tech would give me time to soak everything in and have more knowledge when it came to deciding my future. I wanted to find myself, which I did.”


Finding The Right Path

At Forsyth Tech Angelo took a variety of different courses, looking for the pathway that would inspire him. “I’ve always been somebody that has several things on their mind,” he recalls, “so once I got to Forsyth Tech I started taking all these classes, and soon I realized the ones I found more compelling and that I was attracted to academically involved biology. So I decided to become a Biology major.”

Angelo graduated from Forsyth Tech in May 2016 with an Associate in Science degree, with a focus in Biology, and has now transferred to Appalachian State University. There he is pursuing a major in Biology and a minor in Political Science. He’s found a pathway to achieving his goals, thanks to Forsyth Tech.


Getting Focused

But it wasn’t always easy. When he started at the college, he was both a full-time student and a full-time employee, working at a local bank. Working during the day and taking classes at night was a hard balance, he says, and a little overwhelming. His grades suffered and he lost his financial aid. He made the difficult decision to quit his job and focus entirely on his education.

It made a tremendous difference. Not only did his grades go up, he was also able to get more of the total college experience. He joined the Hispanic Student Association and got involved with Student Government. He found that getting involved outside the classroom was as important as the work he did in the classroom. “The best thing for anybody going to college is to get involved in any way possible,” he says. “That will affect your future and affect the way you develop into a better person, into the better version of yourself. In my case, that meant getting involved with student government. That gave me a different perspective about a lot of things and helped me create a better version of myself.”


The Best Reason To Go To Forsyth Tech

He also believes that being at a community college was a big advantage in terms of support and interaction with staff and instructors. “A bigger school is not going to be as involved with you as a community college like Forsyth Tech,” he says. “The staff there is super helpful. And having all these people there who care about you is really rewarding and makes you very comfortable. It makes you feel good every time you go to your classes.”

As he moves on to the next chapter in his education and his life, Angelo considers his choice to attend Forsyth Tech as a key to discovering who he is and what he really wants to do. “The best reason to go to Forsyth Tech? It will absolutely help you find yourself, and by finding yourself you become more successful in life.”

Sharing The Joy

People at Forsyth Tech decorating the "Angel Tree"

Members of Forsyth Tech’s Student Government Association (SGA) and Alpha Mu Beta (AMB) service fraternity understand first-hand the joy that comes with helping those in need. Each December, the SGA and AMB organize the Angel Tree Project, which provides gifts to the children of students identified through Financial Aid records as being challenged by the need to balance academic, financial, work and family issues.
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Destination: Transformation

Krishauna Hines-Gaither

This year saw the launch of a new strategic direction for Forsyth Tech, one characterized as “Transformation.” Forsyth Tech President Dr. Gary Green described “Transformation” as a process the college must undergo to achieve the goal of being a place where any student can get the education needed to be successful. He also made clear that this is not a short-term strategy, but a long-term and on-going one. “In order to provide the best possible education to every student who passes through our doors, we must continually reassess and reevaluate every aspect of what we do,” he said.
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How To Grow Enrollment 100%

Rob Hinshaw

Rob Hinshaw likes helping people do their job better. A corporate trainer at Forsyth Tech, he specializes in leadership and soft skills training. It’s something he says he “fell into.” After earning degrees in Psychology and Counseling, Rob saw corporate training as a way to apply his skills in the workplace to help people become more effective.
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Forsyth Tech Recognized As Leader In Manufacturing Training

decorative image of stick figure people arranged in colorful circles

During a National Manufacturing Day stopover at Triumph Actuation in Clemmons this past fall, NC Governor Pat McCrory acknowledged Forsyth Tech as one of the top community colleges in the state, particularly around manufacturing training and education. The praise is well deserved. Forsyth Tech is emerging as a leader regionally and nationally when it comes to driving the process of determining what additional training must be integrated into the curricula of community colleges to meet the employment needs of area manufacturers.
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