SECU Spring 2015 Scholarship Recipients

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Our Economic and Workforce Development (EWD) programs offer everything from basic education and courses that will prepare you for entry-level jobs to corporate leadership training and personal enrichment courses you can take just for fun. Click on a program name to get more details.

Continuing Education at Forsyth Tech can mean many things: learning basic skills to have more career opportunities, learning new skills to get a better job, learning how to get the job you want. Continuing Education includes:

Our Small Business Center offers those in the small business community (or those who want to be) a number of resources to help start, expand or improve a business, including:

Through our Corporate and Industrial Training division, we offer local businesses the opportunity to train their workforce at costs that are very reasonable. Our training options include:

Workforce Assessments provide an employer with an established baseline to determine an employee’s skill level, while Workforce Skills Training gives the employer the tools needed to add new and needed skills.

Personal Enrichment courses include almost anything and everything. You could learn ballroom dancing, conversational Spanish, kudzu crafts, bird watching, and a whole lot more.

Our Online Courses also offer a wide variety of choices, and because they are online you can take them at your leisure, whenever it fits your schedule.

If you would like to explore the full range of our EWD offerings, use our Find A Course option to find what you want.

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