Autism Paraprofessional

Course Description

  • This course is designed to prepare individuals to provide direct services to children with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs.)  Care givers may work in educational, home-based, or community settings.  Emphasis is on understanding ASDs, working with families of children with ASDs, managing challenging behaviors associated with ASDs, and evidence-based practices for targeting communication, play, self-help, and social skills of children with ASDs.  Class will also cover consumer safety and rights, and ethical considerations.  The course also includes a practicum component, which will be completed at an autism specialty school.  Upon satisfactory completion of the course, the student will receive a certificate of completion, which should enhance employment opportunities in the field of autism treatment and education.  NOTE:  There is no national association for Autism workers
  • Course is 78 hours including practicum hours in a local autism specialty school.
  • Currently enrolled curriculum students can receive course credit for EDU248 upon successful completion of this course.  Contact Judy Snowden for details at 336.734.7749


  • Criminal Background Check/Drug Screening. (NOTE:  Students for the Autism Paraprofessional course are required to have a background check only.  No drug screening is required)
  • High School Diploma/GED/High School Transcript OR College Diploma/College Transcript (showing graduation date)
  • Picture ID and Social Security card with matching names

Estimated Cost

  • Registration: $180.00
  • Lab fee: $5.00
  • Liability Insurance: $18.00 (nonrefundable, valid for one year)
  • Parking permit: $25.00
  • Total (approximate): $228.00 + Book
  • Book:
    • Early Start Denver Model for young children with autism: Promoting language, learning, and engagement
    • Applied Behavior Analysis for Teachers (9th Edition)  (optional)

* all prices subject to change

Contact the bookstore (336.734.7754) for current textbook prices.

Not included:

For more information, contact Judy Snowden at 336.734.7749 or