Telemetry Cardiovascular Technician

Program Summary

This course is designed to prepare the student to become a certified EKG (ECG) and Telemetry Technician and to gain employment.  The course will cover the anatomy and physiology of the heart as it relates to cardiac rhythm interpretations, principles of EKG, rhythm recognition of sinus, atrial, junctional, ventricular, pacemaker, and heart block rhythms.  Skills will include operating EKG equipment, printing and mounting cardiac rhythm strips, as well as interpreting over 30 cardiac rhythms produced from 12 and 6 lead telemetry monitors.  A 24 hour clinical component is included.


  • Previous direct patient care experience and/or education (i.e. CNAI, CNAII, Military Corpsman/Medic, EMT, CMA) within the last 3 years. Documentation of this education/experience must be presented to the Health Education Department (certificate of course completion, transcript, letter of recommendation, and/or other formal documentation to confirm experience).
  • Successful completion of Math and Reading placement tests (or equivalent approved by Health Education department)
  • High School Diploma/High School Transcript/GED or College Diploma/College Transcript (showing graduation date)
  • Receipts from Criminal Background Check/Drug Screening
  • CPR AHA Healthcare Provider certification before clinical
  • Immunization form (before clinicals). This form can be found on the FT website and also in the Health Education Department on West Campus

Must bring these documents to Health Education (Room 32) prior to registration


Estimated Cost (All prices subject to change):

  • Registration:  $180.00
  • Lab fee:  $5.00
  • Liability Insurance:  $18.00
  • Parking Permit:  $25.00
  • Total (approximately):  $228.00 + Books



  • A Study Guide on Becoming an EKG Technician (Newberry-2014)
  • Cardiac Rhythm Interpretation for Telemetry Monitoring (check with bookstore on availability)

Call bookstore for accurate book price.  West Campus:  336.734.7754 or NWFC:  336.734.7055


Additional Expenses:

  • Parking Permit  ($25.00)
  • Cardiac rhythm interpretation calipers (approximately $10.00, available at Heidi’s)
  • American Heart Association Healthcare Provider CPR certification ($40.00)
  • Criminal Background Check/Drug Screen (starts at $70.00)
  • ID Badge:  $5.00  You must present your registration receipt and receipt for ID payment in order to get your ID badge.
  • Uniform
  • Immunizations (form to be completed by Healthcare Provider)
  • National Certification Exam (National Healthcareer Association – $105.00)


For more information, contact Judy Snowden at 336.734.7749.