Introduction to Massage Therapy

Course Description

Learn massage strokes including effleurage, petrissage, friction, tapotement and vibration to be used on members of a person’s immediate family.  This course is open to the public.  Course completion does not qualify participants to become licensed massage therapists or allow participants to perform massage on the general public.  Please refer to the college catalog credit program for information regarding this training and eligibility for state licensure.  Call 336.761.1002 to register.

NOTE:  To practice massage in North Carolina, the Practice Act for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork Therapy (NC GENERAL STATUTES ARTICLE 36:  Massage and Bodywork Therapy Practice, requires that candidates attend and graduate from a 500+ hour board approved school or exempted Community College program, pass the MBLEx (licensing exam -, not have been charged/convicted of a felony, and apply for a NC BMBT license (licensure board  


  • No absences allowed

Estimated Cost

  • Registration: $70.00
  • Lab fee: $5.00
  • Parking permit: $25.00
  • Total (approximate): $100.00

Equipment Provided

  • massage table
  • bolsters
  • blankets
  • massage oil

Equipment/Supplies Not Included

  • twin size fitted and flat sheet
  • pillowcase


  • bathing suit or sports bra
  • loose-fitting shorts

For course content questions, contact Kim Moore at 336.734.7916.