Professional Cake Decorating: Fondant

This course is all hands on as students learn the art of icing and decorating a cake with fondant icing. Students will learn how to make and roll fondant icing, cover a cake, smooth out icing, and cut and press flowers.

Prerequisite: Cake Decorating: Beginning and Intermediate

Occupation Description:

This course prepares students to work as professional cake decorator either commercially or privately.  Individuals successfully completing the course should be able to:

  • Make fondant icing from a recipe.
  • Roll, cover and smooth out fondant icing.
  • Cut out flowers, leaves and create borders using fondant icing.
  • Decorate specialty cakes using fondant icing.

Careers Available:

Employment opportunities for professional cake decorators may be found at a local bakery or in grocery stores, wholesale clubs or self-employment.

Entry Level Salary:

$7 per hour to $11 per hour.

Learning Objectives:

  • To teach students how to make fondant icing.
  • To teach students how to roll, cover, and ice cakes using fondant icing
  • To teach students how to smooth out an iced cake.
  • To teach students how to add and mix colors in fondant icing.
  • To teach students how to cut out decorative items and how to attach them to the cake.

Recommended Course Skills:

Persons must have fine motor skills and be able to work with their hands. Students must be able to read all handouts and follow directions when given.

Helpful Personal Attributes:

  • Works with others, is a team player
  • Friendly, giving good customer service
  • Ability to problem solve
  • Self-motivator
  • Creative

Program Contact:

Sarah Griffenhagen, Coordinator Community Service Programs –