Professional Cake Decorating: Wedding

Whether you want to find employment as a professional cake decorator, or just want to make beautiful cakes for personal consumption, this hands-on course will build upon the skills acquired in the beginning course.  Students will learn different types of icing for wedding cakes; how to determine the number of servings from different sized cakes; how to stack cake layers; the amount of batter needed for different sized layers; and how to work with a variety of designs, including string, lace and basket weave.  This course is part of the Institute for Hospitality Training.  Students must attend all classes to receive a certificate of completion.

Prerequisite: Professional Cake Decorating: Beginning

Occupation Description:

This course prepares students to work as a professional cake decorator, either commercially or privately.  Individuals completing the course should be able to:

  • Ice and decorate wedding or other specialty cakes using a variety of designs and types of icing.
  • Determine the size cake needed for an event.

Careers Available:

Employment opportunities for professional cake decorators may be found at a local bakery or in grocery stores, wholesale clubs, or one can be self-employed.

Entry Level Salary:

Professional cake decorators hired by a restaurant or commercial bakery can expect to earn $7 to $11 per hour.

Learning Objectives:

  • To teach students how to ice and decorate wedding or other specialty cakes.
  • To prepare students to work in a commercial bakery or restaurant.
  • To teach students how to determine the size cake needed for an event.
  • To teach students how to stack cakes for wedding cakes.
  • To teach students the art of lace decorating a wedding cake.

Recommended Course Skills:

Persons must have good fine motor skills and be able to work with their hands.  Students must be able to read all handouts and follow the directions given.  Students must be able to do simple math to be able to follow recipes and to be able to double the recipe, if needed.

Helpful Personal Attributes:

  • Works well with others, i.e. is a team player
  • Friendly, giving good customer service
  • Ability to problem solve
  • Self-motivator
  • Creative

Program Contact:

Sarah Griffenhagen, Coordinator Community Service Programs 336.734.7722 or