Back to Work Grant Frequently Asked Questions


What is the purpose of the scholarship?

The scholarship is in support of the state’s back-to-work initiative. The funds will go towards tuition and supplies to help provide job training for the underemployed and unemployed. The grant funds target training in programs leading to third party, industry-recognized credentials that are valued in the local economy and will assist individuals in being more marketable in the workforce.


What is included in the scholarship?

For students who enroll in the program, the NC Back-to-Work process will include assessment, HRD/ Workforce Development employability skills, Career Readiness Certificate, academic advising, career coaching with career exploration, skills gap training, and job referral services.  All students who successfully complete the program will receive program completion certificates as well as the Career Readiness Certificate and their program specific stackable credentials.  Forsyth Tech’s goal is to help individuals obtain marketable credentials which we hope will lead to sustainable employment and new careers.


How do I know if I qualify?

Must have a high school diploma or GED

Be Unemployed or underemployed (meet 200% of Federal Poverty Guidelines or Eligible for Federal Earned Income Tax)

Must be a North Carolina resident

Be at least 18 years of age

NOTE: Military Veterans and members of the NC National Guard are encouraged to apply


How do I apply?

In Forsyth County, call 336.734.7630 to schedule an appointment.  In Stokes County, call 336.593.5402, ext. 1101 to schedule an appointment.


What costs are covered?

HRD course “Job Readiness and Interviewing Skills” (required for the electrical lineman training)

Course registration fees, books and any associated supplies for eligible courses

WorkKeys (CRC) assessments

Third-party certification fees


What if I am collecting unemployment? How will this impact my benefits?

All training must be commission approved training in order to maintain eligibility for benefits. If you are enrolled in the program, Forsyth Tech will work with the Division of Workforce Solutions (formerly ESC) to ensure your benefits are not affected as long as you are progressing in the training program.


What if my unemployment benefits have run out or run out before training is complete? Is there a stipend for attending training?

No stipend is available for this training program.


Will there be job placement assistance?

Your Success Coach will assist you with your job search.


If I decide not to pursue this scholarship funded opportunity, is there other funding available?

The Success Coach will work with you to explore the right career options for you, based on your individual training interests, skills, talents and residency.

We have various scholarships that offer many pathways to short term credentials and certificate programs that are in demand in the local labor market.


What are the courses covered by the scholarship?

Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist

Electrical Lineman

Facility Maintenance Technician

Welding (ARC, MIG, TIG)

Please visit our website at for a detailed description of each course.

Additional courses are available for Military Veterans and members of the NC National Guard.


What is the schedule for the classes?

Please refer to the Economic & Workforce Development Course Catalog or visit and click on “Find A Course.”


What is the CRC and why is it included?

The CRC is the National Career Readiness Certificate, a credential that proves to employers that you have the foundational skills to succeed in their workplace. Students take a series of three assessments; Reading for information, Locating Information, and Applied Mathematics and must score at least a level four on all assessments in order to earn a silver level certificate.  A silver level certificate is required to receive scholarship funding.  For more information on the CRC, go to


What if I have barriers to employment in my background?

A Success Coach will work with you to determine which pathways will provide the most opportunities for individuals based on their interests, skills, values and the local labor market.


What are the potential jobs that may be available at the completion of the training?

Your Success Coach will work with you one-on-one to identify possible employment opportunities that match the type of training you are seeking.


What is the average entry-level salary for employees in the fields covered by this scholarship?

For more information about starting salaries for each of the areas of training, please visit and select a course.


Do these courses provide college credit?

At this time there is an articulation agreement in place to provide college credit for certain of these noncredit classes. Your Success Coach will be able to discuss these courses with you.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with a Success Coach, in Forsyth County please call 336.734.7630, Stokes County please call 336.593.5402, ext. 1101.