Leadership and Workforce Needs Analyses

Jumpstart Your Development Implementation

At Forsyth Technical Community College, we believe that the successful implementation of a leadership or workforce development initiative must begin with a thorough needs analysis.  Our Leadership or Workforce Needs Analysis assesses key behaviors of leaders or individual contributors to help gain a better understanding of the groups’developmental needs. Our approach looks at the groups’ ability related to the behavior as well as the importance of the behavior on the job. This type of assessment provides a well balanced look at the target audience, providing a solid foundation for the training initiative.


The Leadership and Workforce Needs Analyses:

  • Help build a solid business case and increase buy-in at all levels.
  • Increase the likelihood of a strong return on investment.
  • Create a systems approach to the initiative.

The Details

Each survey includes 27 statements and covers a wide range of behaviors that are important for leaders or individual contributors’ success. The breadth of the survey helps organizations determine their unique needs.

How It Works

The Leadership or Workforce Needs Analysis is a flexible, easy to use survey tool. Forsyth Tech Business & Industry Services offers it to our clients at no charge for them to conduct the analysis on their own.

To Learn More

Contact Mack Thompson at wthompson@forsythtech.edu or 336.734.7717.