HVAC Service Technician Level 1 & 2

This is a two semester 144 hour introductory course, designed to prepare the student for an occupation in the air conditioning and refrigeration trade. Level I includes Intro to Refrigeration, including: heat transfer, refrigeration components, refrigeration tools, operation of a walk-in cooler, compressor troubleshooting and replacement. HVAC Electricity, including: ohms, amps and volts, Ohms Law, basic wiring diagrams and symbols, control circuits, understanding schematics. Oil, Gas and Electric Furnaces, including: fuel oil properties, oil burners, furnace operation and repair, natural/LP gas properties, gas burners, gas furnace operation and repair.  Heat Pump Service, including: heat pump cycle, components, troubleshooting, understanding sub-cooling and super heat, using heat pump charging charts.  Level II includes Mechanical Cooling, including: refrigeration cycle, refrigerant charging, load calculation and duct design. PLC’s / CFC, including: digital logic, input/output, CPU operation, ladder logic basics, CFC Certification (required for class completion. HVAC Controls, including: electric controls, pneumatic controls, mechanical refrigeration controls (metering devices), electronic control boards, thermostats. HVAC troubleshooting, including: pressure- temperature chart and refrigerant. Students will also be using diagrams for troubleshooting.


Occupation Description

An HVAC service tech would be expected to handle the following repairs:

  1. Repair and installation of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment and systems
  2. Mechanical system troubleshooting using various tools and test instruments
  3. Perform routine preventative maintenance of refrigeration and A/C equipment and systems
  4. Repair and maintenance of both commercial and residential systems


Careers Available

HVAC service techs are employed by air conditioning and refrigeration contractors, repair facilities, hospitals, factories, apartment complexes and other maintenance companies.


Entry-Level Salary

Entry-level salary range – $24,000 to $30,000 per year


Learning Objectives

Core topics include:

  • HVAC theory
  • HVAC Electricity
  • Operation of Oil, Gas and Electrical Furnaces
  • Heat Pump Service
  • CFC Certification
  • HVAC Controls and Troubleshooting

Through classroom lecture and hands on lab work the student will learn the safe and practical applications of HVAC repair and service Training sessions are held in a technical skills lab/classroom. Lab is equipped with necessary supplies and tools to teach this course and allow students to run refrigerant piping circuits and do rough in type installations. Students will work on HVAC and refrigeration systems supplied in the lab.


Recommended Courses and Skills

Level I must be successfully completed before taking Level II.


Helpful Personal Attributes

Should have the ability to work in a team environment, be organized, detail-oriented and problem solving.


Program Contact

For more information regarding classes in Forsyth County, contact Jerry Hobson at 336.734.7726
For more information regarding classes in Stokes County, contact Scott Crews at 336.734.7728