Articulated (Advanced Standing) Courses

Articulated courses are selected
high school courses that will get you advanced standing credit at Forsyth Tech. Upon high school graduation, the student must provide Admissions with documentation of successfully earned articulated credit. By using these courses to get advanced standing, you will be able to complete a community college degree, diploma or certificate sooner and pay less tuition.

So What Does “Articulated” Mean Anyway?

“Articulated” is a complicated way of saying “this thing is basically the same as that thing.” So an “articulated course” is a high school course that’s basically the same as a course we offer
at Forsyth Tech, and if you take that course in high school and get a B or better, we’ll give you credit for it when you come to Forsyth Tech. A VOCATS score of 93 is required for technical courses.

Examples of Articulated Courses

Strategic Marketing in high school = Principles of Marketing (MKT 120) at Forsyth Tech

Health Careers I in high school = Orientation to Medical Assisting (MED 110) at Forsyth Tech

E-Commerce I in high school = Intro to Internet (CIS 172) at Forsyth Tech

List of Articulated Courses PDF Icon

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