Dual Enrollment

We do not have information about course offerings for high school juniors and seniors for the spring 2012 semester at this time.

Career and College Promise is the name of the program the State Board of Community Colleges and the State Board of Education is reviewing to begin January 1, 2012, for high school juniors and seniors. The operating procedures and curriculum standards for the program will be voted on in October. We will update our website when we have additional information.

For more information on Dual Enrollment call 336.734.7466 or 336.734.7236.

Expectations of Dual Enrollment Students

  1. Attend classes on time, be well prepared, and exhibit mature conduct at all times.
  2. Be subject to disciplinary action by both the college and the high school as a result of inappropriate behavior in class and on campus.
  3. Obey all highway driving rules and regulations when traveling to and from classes at the college.
  4. Abide by the Forsyth Tech Student Code of Conduct.
  5. Pay any incurred fines (parking and library) before being allowed to register for succeeding semester.
  6. Meet with Forsyth Tech advisor for orientation at least once each term to ensure success in coursework and locate available support services.

Please contact 336.734.7466 or 336.734.7236 for more information.

Stokes College Academy

Stokes College Academy is a Dual Enrollment program for Stokes County students allowing you to take Forsyth Tech college courses on your high school campus, online or via Interactive TV and earn college credits. Call 734-7466 or 734-7236 or contact your guidance counselor for more information.

Articulated (Advanced Standing) Courses

Articulated courses are selected high school courses that will get you advanced standing credit at Forsyth Tech or any North Carolina community college. Upon high school graduation, the student must provide Admissions with documentaiton of successfully earned articulated credit. By using these courses to get advanced standing, you will be able to complete a community college degree, diploma or certificate sooner and pay less tuition.

So What Does “Articulated” Mean Anyway?

“Articulated” is a complicated way of saying “this thing is basically the same as that thing.” So an “articulated course” is a high school course that’s basically the same as a course we offer at Forsyth Tech, and if you take that course in high school and get a B or better, we’ll give you credit for it when you come to Forsyth Tech. VOCATS score of 90 is required for technical courses.

Examples of Articulated Courses

Strategic Marketing in high school = Principles of Marketing (MKT 120) at Forsyth Tech
Health Careers I in high school = Orientation to Medical Assisting (MED 110) at Forsyth Tech

E-Commerce I in high school = Introduction to Internet (CIS 172) at Forsyth Tech

List of Available Articulated Courses