Why Early College?
Let’s Ask The Students!

Here, some Early College students explain why they chose to attend this unique school:

“There’s a chance to get an associate degree in a field that I enjoy. I’d like to go into game design and development.”

Liam Sullivan, Clemmons Middle School

“I’ll only have to pay for two years of college.”

— Breyinn Loftin, Walkertown Middle School

“I want to go here so I can get a quicker education. It will help me get ahead, and it doesn’t cost a lot.”

— Daniel Antunez, Thomas Jefferson Middle School

“This is the best opportunity any high schooler in Winston-Salem could have, and it’s a really great program. It’s really disciplined and advanced and I want to do it.”

— Alexandria Frank, Salem Academy

“It’s a really good opportunity for where I want to go in life. It’ll give me a head start.”

— Domonique Vas, Salem Academy

“I just want to take advantage of all the opportunities I can get.”

— Steven Blanco, Philo Middle School