Tyler Duncan, Middle College

Tyler Duncan

“The teachers at Forsyth Tech…showed me how to work on my own. I’m going to be way better prepared.”

Regular high school was pretty easy for Tyler Duncan – too easy, in fact. “I didn’t have to make much effort to make good grades,” she recalls. “I was bored.”

Then her best friend found out about Forsyth Tech’s Middle College program; both of them applied and were accepted.

“Middle College challenged me a lot,” she enthuses. “I was able to venture out and learn more, meet different people from different cultures – it was way better.” The atmosphere suited Tyler. Her fellow-students were more motivated.

“They all want to succeed and better their futures,” she notes. And that motivation is shared by the faculty: “At Middle College, the teachers are more willing to help, even the troubled students.” Because everyone is there to learn, she says, some of the bad things about high school just don’t happen here.

“Everyone seems to get along; it’s very drama-free.”

Tyler started the program in 11th grade and graduates this spring. Her hard work has paid off: she has a $50,000 scholarship to study zoology at Methodist University in Fayetteville in the fall.

“I love science. I’m taking an extra class in anatomy because I just love it. I’d like to work with National Geographic, travel, learn about endangered animals. One day I want to own my own zoo. I’d also like to work at an aquarium.”

Tyler says she has friends who are already in college, but who don’t have the preparation she’s been given at Middle College. “They say college is harder, because the teachers are not helping them that much; they were unprepared when they went. But the teachers at Forsyth Tech, rather than holding my hand through the whole course, showed me how to work on my own. I’m going to be way better prepared.”

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