Business Administration – Import Export Track

  • Associate in Applied Science (AAS)
  • AAS Day Program: 4 semesters
  • AAS Evening Program: 11 semesters, including 3 summer terms
  • Admission Cycle: Every Semester
  • Maximum Number Admitted Annually: Open

Career Description

The Business Administration program tracks are designed to introduce students to the various aspects of the free enterprise system, provide a fundamental knowledge of business functions and processes, and create an understanding of operating business organizations in today’s global economy.

This track is a unique concentration under the Business Administration curriculum degree. It is designed to prepare individuals for positions in international business and provide a fundamental knowledge of import/export regulations, international economics, and techniques for quickly and accurately navigating the often complex and dynamic requirements of global trade.

Careers Available

Graduates should qualify for a variety of positions in import/export departments, freight forwarder companies, custom house brokerage firms, international banking, state and federal government organizations, global organizations, or other internationally active businesses.

Entry-Level Salary

  • Degree graduates: $25,000 – $30,000/yr.

Course of Study

Coursework includes international accounting, management, marketing, communications, business law, and economics, as well as general education courses. Cooperative education opportunities may be available. Related skills are developed through the study of foreign language, computer applications, financial analysis, critical thinking skills, and ethics appropriate to today’s global economy.

Recommended Courses and Skills

Strong math and accounting background, high school algebra strongly recommended. Foreign language, strong reading comprehension and basic computer skills.

Helpful Personal Attributes

General awareness of the international business environment, strong communication and interpersonal skills, good decision-making skills and awareness of cultural diversity, computer keyboarding and technology application abilities and tolerance, and adaptability to various work environments.

Program Contact

If you would like additional information about the Business Administration/Import Export Program, contact Demetria Ledbetter, Program Coordinator, at 336.734.7917 or