Computer-Integrated Machining

  • Associate, Diploma, Certificate
  • Certificate: CNC
  • Certificate: 4 semesters (day and evening)

Career Description

Machinists are considered skilled workers who are capable of operating all standard machine tools found in a machine shop. They must be able to read technical drawings and use the latest precision measuring instruments. A CNC Machinist would be required to see that CNC machine tools are properly set up and used in order to achieve maximum quality through mass production of parts produced.

Careers Available

Employment opportunities for machining technicians exist in manufacturing industries, public institutions and governmental agencies and in a wide range of specialty jobs. A person can choose from a wide variety of career paths depending on his or her interests and abilities.

Entry-Level Salary

  • $28,000 – $35,000/yr.

Course of Study

Students will learn to interpret blueprints, set up manual and CNC machines, perform basic and advanced machining operations and make decisions to ensure that work quality is maintained. A good technical background, which allows you to perform any bench, layout, or machine tool operation and includes knowledge about mathematics, metallurgy, and heat treating, which is essential for a machinist.

Recommended Courses and Skills

Strong math skills and good mechanical skills.

Helpful Personal Attributes

Ability to work in a team environment, organized and detail-oriented and a problem solver.

Program Contact

If you would like additional information about the Computer-Integrated Machining Program, contact Todd Bishop, Program Coordinator, Mechanical Engineering, at 336.734.7529 or