Healthcare Business Informatics

  • Associate in Applied Science (AAS)
  • AAS Day Program: 5 semesters, including 1 summer term
  • Admission Cycle: Every semester
  • Maximum Number Admitted Annually: Open

Career Description

The Healthcare Business Informatics curriculum prepares individuals to serve as specialists in installation, data management, data archiving/retrieval, system design and support, and computer training for medical information systems.

Careers Available

Graduates will qualify to serve as database/data warehouse analysts, technical support professionals, informatics technology professionals, systems analysts, networking and security technicians, and computer maintenance professionals in the healthcare field.

Entry-Level Salary

  • Degree graduates $35,000 – $43,000/yr.

Course of Study

Course work includes an overview of trends in healthcare management, database terminology, medical terminology, computer hardware and networking concepts. Additional coursework introduces security, medical ethics and computer programming.

Recommended Courses and Skills

Beginning computer applications and strong communication and reading comprehension skills are an advantage to completing this program.

Helpful Personal Attributes

Attention to detail, good communication skills, outstanding reasoning and comprehension skills, good analytical and problem-solving skills, and analytical and critical thinking skills.

Program Contact

If you would like additional information about the Healthcare Business Informatics Program, contact Melisa Bryant, Program Coordinator, at 336.757.3348 or