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I have had my transcripts from other colleges sent to Forsyth Tech, but I don’t think all of my credits were posted. What do I do?

First, make sure you actually had official copies sent in and not just unofficial copies that you may have turned in just to be able to get registered during a registration period.  Second, note that only courses that are considered applicable to your current program of study get posted to your record here.  Finally, if you still have a concern that you have some other potential transfer credits that have been overlooked, go by the Records Office (or go to the Records Office page under College Services in Techlink) and fill out a Request for Evaluation form .  Note on that form which transcripts (and which courses if there are specific ones you are looking for) you would like to have pulled for another review.  Also, if you have changed your program of study since your initial review, you may need to do a request for re-evaluation based on that change.

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