Forsyth Tech to Hold Opening Ceremony for Emergency Services Training Center in King

State-of-the-Art Complex Considered One of the Top Facilities in Southeast

WINSTON-SALEM (April 22, 2010) – Forsyth Technical Community College will unveil a new, state-of-the art Emergency Services Training Center (EMST) on the campus of the Northwest Forsyth Center in King on Monday, April 26 at 3 pm. The EMST will be used to train fire, police and emergency medical personnel in high-level fire-fighting, emergency rescue, and hostage negotiation techniques.

A Drill Tower and Burn Building are key components of the eight-acre EMST complex. The five-story, 10,000 square foot Drill Tower is designed to give students the opportunity to learn to rappel from high-rise buildings, negotiate various sprinkler system set ups, and handle ladder and elevator rescue scenarios.

The six-story Burn Tower will provide training space for students to experience a variety of fire-fighting scenarios, including those found in high-rise office buildings and residences, under controlled burn conditions determined by the instructors. Through computerized and manually operated props, instructors will be able to create experiential learning opportunities for students in all levels of fire containment and rescue situations, complete with exposure to intense smoke and heat conditions during daylight hours or at night.

The new complex also contains five burn pits fueled by liquefied petroleum and natural gas. Students will be trained to work as a team to gain proficiency at various hose-handling situations needed to combat such situations as gas grill fires and residential gas delivery truck explosions.

Other facilities included in the ESTC complex include a confined space tower and vehicle extrication pad to simulate victim rescue.

Rappelling and controlled burned demonstrations as well as tours of the new training complex will be conducted as part of Monday’s opening ceremonies.

“Our Emergency Services Training Center has been 30 years in the making,” said Dr. Gary Green, president of Forsyth Tech. “We have taken the time to study similar facilities at other locations and have brought state-of-the art practices together in a single location.”

“This will be the first emergency training center of its kind in Forsyth County. It’s already considered one of the two best facilities in North Carolina,” Dr. Green said. “We expect it to quickly become a regional southeast training center.”

Students will begin using the ESTC in fall 2010.

The Northwest Forsyth Center houses training programs for police, fire and emergency rescue technicians, and offers general education, certified nursing assistance and industrial technology programs.