Completion Rate Data 2008-2009

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Completion rates 7 On time completion 10
Program Code 6 Program Name Minimum # of semesters to complete Total Completers 8 # of students entering 9 # of students Rate (%)
D45240 Dental Assisting 3 16 21 15 71%
D45660 Practical Nursing 3 51 66 43 65%


  1. Code assigned by the North Carolina Community College System
  2. Completion rate information is disclosed only for programs with at least 10 completers during an academic year.
  3. The number of students completing the program during this academic year, regardless of start date.
  4. Students entering the program during its prescribed starting semester this academic year.
  5. The number and percent of students who started at the prescribed starting time this year and completed on time.