Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Forsyth Tech President Gary Green Inducted into the Liberian Organization of the Piedmont Legend’s Hall of Fame

October 5, 2012

Liberian Daily Observer

Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was inducted into the Community Leaders and Legend’s Hall of Fame of North Carolina, which the group granted for her years of advocacy for social justice and commitment to development in Liberia.

According to a citation read by the organization’s President, James Hunder, the Liberian leader has successfully restored Liberia’s standing in the comity of nations, following years of a devastating civil war and economic degradation.

In the citation, Gov. Bev Perdue also praised President Sirleaf for her commitment to the people of Liberia, which has helped foster relations with North Carolina and beyond.

Forsyth Tech President Gary Green was inducted into the Legend’s Hall of Fame alongside President Sirleaf. Forsyth Tech is now collaborating with the Grand Bassa Community College in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, Liberia on a range of technical support.

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