New Marketing Strategies for Fall 2013

Forsyth Tech Uses Humor, Technology, and Internal Talent to Recruit New Students for Fall 2013 

Innovative Floor Graphics Campaign at Hanes Mall Turns Heads 

(Winston-Salem, NC) – Forsyth Tech’s fall recruitment push is underway, and this year, the college is using humor, technology and internal talent to draw new students to its Forsyth and Stokes county locations.

This week, the college launched a new, comprehensive marketing campaign designed to reach target audiences with messages about convenience, cost-effectiveness, and educational and job opportunities. The campaign features lively TV spots, the first for the college in many years, as well as other pieces designed to reach both mass and highly targeted audiences. These include:

  • An innovative floor graphics campaign at Hanes Mall that uses strategically placed “intrusive” messaging—and humor—in 10 high-traffic public areas throughout the mall. The graphics are designed to remind shoppers, mall walkers and mall workers of the advantages of a Forsyth Tech education.
    • Shoppers stepping off “down” escalators will be greeted with an image of a large, dark hole covered by caution tape and the message: “Don’t fall into debt.” The graphic goes on to tout the affordability of a college degree at Forsyth Tech.
    • Other affordability messages, located near ATMs and vending machines, urge mall visitors to “Be smart with your money” by choosing Forsyth Tech.
    • Specific programs are also advertised, including massage therapy (“Learn to rub people the right way”) and computer-integrated machining (“Get your career in gear.”)
  • A radio campaign featuring voice talent currently enrolled in Forsyth Tech’s Radio and TV Broadcast Production program. The female and male voice talents used in the spots are national gold and silver medal winners in the annual Skills USA competition. The students also sound-engineered and edited their own spots to give them real-world experience and material for their audition tapes and portfolios.


  • A digital billboard on Business 40 around Stratford Rd. that carries Twitter-style messages targeting younger audiences and conveys a sense of urgency about enrolling at Forsyth Tech.
    • One of the messages, designed in a Twitter-like format, reads:
      “OMG! Registration is July 17-18.”
  • A mobile advertising campaign that geotargets mobile device users in Forsyth and Stokes counties. The ads, sized for seven different types of devices, use both Twitter-style messages and concepts similar to the college’s very popular billboard campaign. The goal is to inspire prospective students to consider enrolling at Forsyth Tech.
    • One of the mobile ads states, “This may look like another mobile ad, but it could change your life. Find out more.” The ad leads mobile users to Forsyth Tech’s website where they can learn more about what the college has to offer.

“We’re using intriguing strategies this year to reach the community in new, engaging and even fun ways,” says Mamie Sutphin, vice president for Institutional Advancement. “We are tapping technology to reach younger audiences and utilizing public venues that attract broader audiences to promote the benefits of Forsyth Tech educational and career training opportunities.”

Forsyth Tech’s walk-in registration dates for fall 2013 are July 17-18 and August 14-15.

Here are a few of the new floor graphics installed at Hanes Mall to advertise Forsyth Tech.

photo2 photo3 photo1