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This course is a survey of astronomy. Participants taking this course will cover broadly the history of astronomy, types and uses of telescopes, astronomy measurements, the solar system, constellations, nebula and our Milky Way galaxy and other galaxies. In addition, participants will discuss Quasars, black holes and theories of the universe’s creation.

Course Code: 87742
Cost $50
Date: September 4-October 2, TH, 6:30-8:30pm
Location: SciWorks

Bird Watching: Beginning

You will be introduced to the hobby of bird watching and taught how to identify common birds by sight, sound and habitat. Learn about birds’ natural history and habitats as well as the seasonal cycles of observed species. Students will recognize birds in their natural habitat each week by going on field trips.

NOTE: Participants are encouraged to bring binoculars. Pencil and paper are required.

Call 336-734-7722 or e-mail sgriffenhagen@forsythtech.edu for more information.


Learn how to write in style with Calligraphy. In a class designed for beginner, the Italic alphabet is a popular introduction to the art of the broad edged pen. Students will be offered a step by step approach to the basic technique, letter forms, word, line and page spacing of this beautiful and graceful calligraphic hand. The Italic alphabet lends itself to a wide variety of applications. The course can also be used as a refresher.

Course Code: 87749
Cost: $65
Date: September 8-October 27, M, 6-8pm
Location: South Fork Recreation Center

Digital Photography Beginning

This course introduces students to the basics of digital photography. Learn how to set your camera for any shooting situation and become familiar with a list of terms used every day in digital photography and printing. The end result will be better pictures, a greater knowledge of digital photography and a better understanding of how to capture that magical moment forever.

NOTE: It is highly recommended that students bring their digital camera and owner’s manual to class along with a notebook and pen or pencil.

Course Code: 83263
Cost $35
Date: May 24, S, 9am-Noon
Location: West Campus, Room 122

Course Code: 83264
Cost $35
Date: June 7, S, 9am-Noon
Location: West Campus, Room 122

Course Code: 87750
Cost $35
Date: August 23, S, 9am-Noon
Location: West Campus, Room 122

Course Code: 87751
Cost $35
Date: September 6, S, 9am-Noon
Location: West Campus, Room 122

Course Code: 87765
Cost $35
Date: November 1, S, 9am-Noon
Location: West Campus, Room 122

Digital Photography Intermediate

This course is a continuation of the Digital Photography Beginning class and is divided into two phases. In the first phase, learn how to start a digital picture/file archive folder system, along with the best way to get your digital files transferred from your camera to your computer prior to burning a photo CS. The second phase teaches the basics of digital manipulation. Learn to size, crop and color adjust digital images.

Prerequisite: Digital Photography Beginning

Course Code: 83265
Cost $35
Date: June 14, S, 9am-Noon
Location: West Campus, Room 122

Course Code: 87755
Cost $35
Date: September 13, S, 9am-Noon
Location: West Campus, Room 122

Course Code: 87767
Cost $35
Date: November 15, S, 9am-Noon
Location: West Campus, Room 122

Estate Planning

It is never too late to plan for your financial security. Prepare for the unexpected, and learn how to protect your family through estate planning. Topics include estate settlement cost, life insurance in estate planning, irrevocable life insurance trust, valuation principles used in the estate planning process, estate reduction techniques/gift to family members, and trusts, the basics of charitable giving and estate planning issues stemming from the marital relationship.

Course Code: 88005
Cost: $55
Date: October 27-November 17, M, 6:30-9pm
Location: Oak Grove Center, Room 4450

Financial Strategies for Successful Retirement

This class offers students the opportunity to evaluate their retirement plan, investigate ways to have retirement income, investment, Risk Management, & Estate Planning.

Course Code: 87782
Cost: $55
Date: September 9-September 30, T, 6:30-9pm
Location: Oak Grove Center, Room 4450

Course Code: 87783
Cost: $55
Date: October 14-November 4, T, 6:30-9pm
Location: Oak Grove Center, Room 4450

Course Code: 88002
Cost: $55
Date: November 18-December 9, T, 6:30-9pm
Location: Oak Grove Center, Room 4450

Investments: Stock Market

Learn more about stocks, IRA’s, Roth IRAs, pensions, mutual funds, ETFs, tax -exempt municipal bonds and the stock market in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Useful to individuals from beginner to advanced. Retirement planning principles are explained. Also discussed are investment strategies for tax advantages.

Course Code: 83955
Cost: $55
Date: June 3-July 15, T, 6:30-8:30pm
Location: Oak Grove Center, Room 4456

Course Code: 87787
Cost: $55
Date: November 24-December 15, M, 6:30-9pm
Location: Oak Grove Center, Room 4450

Photography: DSLR

Want to get more out of your digital camera? Are you curious to know how to use Photoshop to make good photos great? This 8-week class is for the novice all the way to the advanced shooter. Learn all the bells and whistles and menu commands on your DSLR camera and more importantly when to use them. Each class will have two phases: a technical phase where students will learn camera and shooting techniques, and a manipulation phase where students will learn how to manipulate their digital images using Photoshop CS6 Extended. Students will have their photos discussed and critiques in class. Class content will include, but will not be limited to: action/sport, still, portrait, wedding, landscape and architectural photography. After taking this class students will be able to shoot in any situation resulting in professional quality photos.

NOTE: Students should bring to class paper and pencil, DSLR camera with lenses and owner’s manual and a zip drive with at least 2 gigabytes of memory.

Prerequisite: Digital Photography Intermediate

Course Code: 87763
Cost $95
Date: September 29-November 17, M, 6-9pm
Location: Transportation Center, Room 146

Photography: DSLR 2

You’ve completed the DSLR class and you are ready to take your skill to the next level. The DSLR II is the class for you. This class is divided into two parts. One, a classroom phase held Wednesday PM and the second, a shooting phase held Saturday afternoons. During the classroom phase students will receive technical information about the DSLR cameras, receive instructions in advanced digital manipulation skills using Adobe Photoshop CS5 extended and suggested shooting set-ups for the Saturday location shooting phases. During off campus shooting assignments, students will learn how to work with many different techniques using their DSLR digital camera. From the use of different lenses , fast and slow shutter speeds, long and short depths of field as well as white balance setting, fill flash, reflected lighting techniques and when to use any of the above in order to produce a top quality digital image. Students will be given the opportunity to photograph a variety of different subjects from people and animals to architectural building details and landscape photography. Using the combination of supervised instruction, digital manipulation and shooting techniques along with your own creativity and imagination, the sky is truly the limit in your digital photography.

Prerequisite: DSLR

NOTE: All students must have a DSLR camera. In addition students should bring the following to class: lenses, a tripod and owner’s manual, paper and pencil for note
taking, a USB drive with at least 2 gigabytes of memory, a card reader for their media card and (if you have one) an external flash and sync cord.

Course Code: 83408
Cost $85
Date: July9-August 2, W, 6-9pm, S, 9am-Noon
Location: Transportation Center, Room 146

Course Code: 87762
Cost $95
Date: September 6-October 1 , W, 6-9pm, S, 1-4pm
Location: Transportation Center, Room 146

Sign Language

This course promises to be entertaining and educational. It introduces American Sign Language through finger spelling and simple sign sentences. You will have an opportunity to practice your newly acquired skills and cultural understanding with deaf individuals.

NOTE: You will need to purchase a book.

Course Code: 83282
Cost: $95
Date: June 5-July 17, TH, 6-9pm
Location: Taylor Recreation Center

Course Code: 87853
Cost: $95
Date: September 18-October 23, TH, 6-9pm
Location: Taylor Recreation Center

Wedding Planning

Learn how to direct a wedding from the first contact with the bride until the end of the reception. Learn how to take the details and turn them into a wedding to remember for family or friends.

Course Code: 87856
Cost: $55
Date: October 2-October 23, TH, 6-8pm
Location: Polo Park

Wildlife Rehabilitation

This course covers intake procedures and basic medical lifesaving techniques. You will also learn the proper feeding of various native wildlife species, gain an understanding of the nature of each animal, receive instruction on the dangers encountered with wildlife, and learn proper handing techniques.

Course Code: 87857
Cost: $55
Date: September 9-November 18, T, 6-9pm
Location: Oak Grove Center, Room 4451