Objectives And Evaluations

How Students Measurable Learning Objectives (MLOs) Are Determined

Students enrolled in cooperative education earn college credit not for working but for the learning that results from working.  Measurable Learning Objectives (MLOs) are statements that clearly and precisely describe what a student intends to accomplish during a co-op course. These MLOs are an effective method to assess the student’s progress.

The employer’s participation in establishing a student’s MLOs is critical to a successful co-op; however, we don’t want the employer to write the objectives for the student. The instructor and co-op coordinator will assist the student with the actual drafting.  We do ask that the employer discuss the student’s job duties and responsibilities with the student and instructor, emphasizing skill development that is important in the employer’s work environment. Also, employers should note company or industry standards that are typically used to evaluate employee performance; these should be incorporated into the evaluation of the MLOs.

Examples of Acceptable Student MLOs:

  • “By the end of the semester, I will increase my sales by 5 percent while keeping complaints at or below their present level as judged by the sales manager.”
  • “By the end of the semester, I will correctly produce 5 letters using Microsoft Word to the standards of ABC Corp., as evaluated by (supervisor’s name).”
  • “By the end of the term, I will correctly wire and install a minimum of 10 fluorescent light fixtures according to the procedures of XYZ Electric, as evaluated by my supervisor.”

Examples of Poor Student MLOs:

  • “I will become a better sales person.”
  • “I will learn how to use computers in a work environment.”
  • “I will help wire a structure for light fixtures.”

How Employers Evaluate Students

On-site visit:  Employers will be contacted by the student’s Forsyth Tech co-op instructor to arrange a site visit during the student’s co-op work hours. The instructor will want to meet briefly with the employer for an update on the student’s performance. The instructor will use the attached questionnaire to collect employer feedback. The instructor will want to observe the student at work.

Employer’s End-of-Term Evaluation:  As the end of the student’s co-op work experience approaches, Forsyth Tech will ask employers to evaluate student performance using the online evaluation form. To prepare to complete this evaluation, employers may want to click on the link and review and possibly print the form. Be aware that a partially completed evaluation cannot be saved. Should an employer need to exit the evaluation before it’s finished, the employer will need to start over again. This evaluation is one of the key components used in determining a co-op student’s final grade. Forsyth Tech appreciates the contributions the co-op employer makes to a co-op student’s education throughout the semester and in completing this end-of-semester evaluation.