Information For Employers

Employer Requirements

Before deciding to bring in a co-op student, an employer should be prepared to:

  1. Provide the student with progressive, meaningful work.
  2. Offer the student 160 hours of employment during a 16-week semester for a one credit co-op course or 320 hours for a two credit co-op course.
  3. Sign a Cooperative Education Agreement detailing the various parties’ responsibilities (co-op employer, student, Forsyth Tech) prior to the student beginning work.
  4. Work with the student and instructor to develop the student’s measurable learning objectives for the co-op prior to the student beginning work.
  5. Allow site visits by Forsyth Tech representatives (a preliminary site visit, then a minimum of one visit per student per semester).
  6. Complete two evaluations of the student, one during the site visit and one at the end of the semester using the Employer End-of-Term Evaluation.
  7. Review for accuracy and sign monthly time sheets (see sample time sheet here) prepared by the student to track co-op hours.
  8. Assign the student a supervisor who is willing to take on the additional co-op responsibilities (helping the student choose learning objectives, evaluating the student’s progress on learning objectives, participating in a site visit, completing evaluations)
  9. Advise the Cooperative Education Coordinator or instructor of changes in the student’s performance or attendance during the semester.

Co-Op Application Process for Employers

If you are an employer who would like to host a co-op student:

  1. Complete a Co-op Position Request Form .
  2. Email the completed form to Beth Agnello, Cooperative Education Coordinator at
  3. Review resumes and information on qualified applicants provided to you by the Forsyth Tech co-op office.
  4. Conduct interviews and any other screening typical for your business in making hiring decisions.
  5. Notify the candidate and the co-op office of any co-op offers.


The co-op employer determines an appropriate wage for a given position and candidate. The wage should be fair for the position in your setting, based on the student’s prior experience and academic qualifications.  Some students are willing and able to accept co-op positions without remuneration; many are not.

Unemployment Insurance

By action of the federal government and the North Carolina General Assembly, co-op students may not apply for unemployment insurance based upon co-op employment.  Therefore, unemployment insurance premiums shall not be paid on co-op students working in the state.  (General Statutes of NC, 1974 Cumulative Supplement, Chapter 96-8, Section G, No. 16 and the ratification of HB247, on April 2, 1985, Section 1.G.S. 96-8(6)k.14.)

For more information, please contact Beth Agnello, Cooperative Education Coordinator at 336.757.3269 or  You may also contact the co-op instructor for a specific program area listed below.

Co-Op Directory

Instructor Name Program Telephone e-mail Office location
Agnello, Beth Coordinator, Cooperative Education 336.757.3269 448-A Allman Center
Allgood, David Automotive Services Technology 336.734.7279 303-A Salem
Bishop, Todd Mechanical Engineering Technology 336.734.7274 138 Parkway
Brown, Doug Accounting 336.734.7173 258-A Hauser
Cohen, Linda Web Technologies 336.734.7501 400 Technology
Conley, Kevin Nanotechnology 336.734.7389 255 Ardmore
Day, Garry Graphic Arts 336.734.7283 209-A Winston
Edwards, Jamie Human Services Technology/Gerontology 336.734.7959 118-B1 Mazie Woodruff Center
Hodges, Warren Paralegal Technology 336.734.7276 258 Hauser
Lattimore, Debby Human Services Technology 336.734.7958 118-B2 Mazie Woodruff Center
Martin, Doug Financial Services 336.734.7358 258-C Hauser
Moore, Kim Therapeutic Massage 336.734.7916 231-B Swisher Center
Nivens, Cindy Medical Office Administration 336.757.3258 208-B Hauser
Ray, Dave Electrical/Electronics Technology 336.734.7312 200-A Winston
Ray, Deana Business Administration 336.734.7167 258-B Hauser
Shumate, Stormy Criminal Justice Technology/Latent Evidence 336.757.3065 231-E Northwest Center
Sprinkle, Elizabeth Medical Transcription 336.734.7172 148 Hauser
Swarthout, Lisa Landscape Gardening 336.757.3265 204-C Winston
Taylor-Wells, Gisele Interior Design 336.757.3200 6209 Snyder