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Please take about five minutes to give us a review.
This is your opportunity to say thank you to the SBC in a big way.

Leave your review here.


The concept of Beautiful Queen Enterprise has been stuck in my head for almost two years. I eventually talked myself into sending a message to the SBC. Even though I sent the message over Christmas, I received a response back from Allan Younger. I was like, “This must be meant for me to do!” Since January 2015, Beautiful Queen Enterprise, has grown from an idea into manifestation. I am so happy to have met everyone here. This is really a close knit community. Everyone wants to see others succeed and I love that! Thank You for all that you do.

Resaell Haynes

Resaell Haynes

Thank you so much !!! Starting my business and getting it off the ground would have taken me forever if I hadn’t taken the seminars at the Small Business Center. I want to thank all of you for the help and PLEASE keep doing what you’re doing.

Kathy Shoaf

Kathy Shoaf

I’ve attended several classes at Forsyth Tech at Innovation Quarter and highly recommend this organization for intense, short-term training. For example, I attended a LinkedIn clinic and developed my LinkedIn site, posted comments, learned how to invite colleagues to my page, and developed (and changed) my profile in a three-hour time-frame. Many of the Courses/Workshops are hands-on in front of a computer allowing participants to follow the instructor and leave with an actual product or products. On another occasion, I met with an SEO expert and obtained valuable information to launch my first children’s picture book on Kindle. If you’re looking for one-on-one counseling or classes to advance your business expertise, Forsyth Tech at Innovation Quarter is the go-to place.

Yvonne McDonald

Yvonne McDonald

It is always my pleasure to inspire and be inspired. Thank you and the SBC for playing a major role in my small business success. I have learned so much from our Small Business Community and I appreciate the opportunities provided by the SBC. Again, thank you and I will see you soon. Have a wonderful day!

Yvonne King

Yvonne King

The Small Business Center had a great impact on my ability to open Magen, LLC. The Small Business Center directed me to open the business that is the right fit for my skill set and knowledge. Without your support, help, and willingness to share, my business would not be where it is today. Thank you very much for going the extra mile to help support and direct me.

Sherri Azizi
Magen, LLC

Sherri Azizi

One scenario where the adage “the failure to plan is a plan for failure” is absolutely true is that of starting and growing a small business. The curriculum, the instructors, the one-to-one counseling available at the SBC are all integral parts in what is clearly a plan designed to help its clients achieve success! I appreciate that the mindset that permeates every course offered at the SBC which says that all business success is anchored in great relationships and that both business owners and customers/clients/ consumers can have a win-win experience. Additionally, I love that this information and education is available to everyone regardless of one’s business acumen or level of experience. The knowledgeable, accessible, and enthusiastic staff at the SBC continually demonstrate their commitment to supporting small business owners.

Angela Wilder
Identity Capital Consulting

Angela Wilder

Deciding to purchase Black Mountain Chocolate with my husband, Brent, a tax attorney, is a Second Act for us. I had no retail experience before opening up our retail shop in Reynolda Village in November 2013. My 10 one-on-one counseling sessions with Allan Younger were invaluable. Our business involves marketing, finance and production—we can’t be experts in all of them, so that’s why I consulted with Allan.”

Dawn Peters
Black Mountain Chocolate

Black Mountain Chocolate

I enjoy the atmosphere created by staff at the SBC. A great customer experience goes beyond product to include an enjoyable interaction with staff. Do staff obviously get along and make it plain that they enjoy being there? Is there a sense of fun at your location? Positive customer experience beyond the product or service can be the piece that sets your company apart from the competition.

Kathleen Wheeless
Forsyth County Public Library

K. Wheeless

It is exciting for our city to be in the process of so much change! I believe the SBC is going to facilitate some of the most innovative company’s in Winston Salem to be known world wide. With all the great classes and resources available at the SBC, any type of business can obtain new skill sets to encourage their success.

Michael Roels
Essential Balanced Bodywork


The Small Business Center is helping me realize and live my dream of entrepreneurship. The classes, have helped me understand the importance of social media and marketing strategies to steer my business into the virtual market place and the next level. The one on one counseling, has been such a help; mentoring me, as I strive to make my business self-sufficient and productive.

I would like to thank the Small Business Center for the support I was able to receive which is enabling the growth of my business. I received information from the Piedmont Triad Regional Council about the opportunity for small businesses to hire employees for six month paid internships in conjunction with the workforce development board. Thanks to the Small Business Center I was able to house my employees and work out of the small business center. This enabled me to efficiently market my business with the aid of my employees.  We recently held a two performances of Angels With Out Wings. Both shows were well received and attended and one was OVERSOLD!  Everything that my fledgling company has accomplished would not have been possible without the support and assistance which I have received from the Small Business Center.

Pam Rea Roberson
Angels With Out Wings dba AWOW Enterprises

pam rea web small

Exploring Entrepreneurship – The workshops I’ve taken so far has exceeded my expectations and is helping prepare me for starting my business-definitely a wonderful resource!

Alohalani Pickett

Alohalani Pickett

I have been involved in the start-up and management of three small businesses and am currently researching my fourth. I have found the Small Business Center seminars very informative and the staff very helpful. Never stop learning.

Randy Brannock

Randy Brannock

Thank you for RRev-ing up my engine/dreams of starting my small business. The SBC is a one stop for all aspects of making this dream a reality. I continually get great advice and guidance with the interactive seminar sessions. I’m discovering my best next steps in starting a small business. I highly recommend to those who I encounter in a similar situation to take advantage of all their offerings. I can’t thank all of you enough!!!

Monika Star

You have a great resource in your Small Business Center. I will continue to refer individuals to your Center. I look forward to increasing my own business knowledge.

Betty Ann Falkner
Center for Smart Financial Choices


My husband and I have taken several of these classes. Although, we have been in business for several years we are starting a new venture and have used these classes to help refresh our skills. Allan’s knowledge and the outline of the information available in the classes are concise, clear, comprehensive and compelling.

Denise Gallison

The Small Business Center has been a tremendous source of insight, perspective, and encouragement for us as we lead our business through its first few months of operation.  It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the fine details of running a business, but regular meetings help us remain focused on the big picture and enthusiastic about meeting our long-term goals.  I highly recommend their services.

Emily Stewart
The Breathing Room

The Small Business Center was recommended to us by the Mayor of Winston Salem. The time we spend working with the SBC is invaluable. They have a wide range of expertise and they support us as we take a step back from day to day operations to look at the big picture.

Suzana McCalley
The Breathing Room

Owner of The Breathing Room

The free resources provided by the Small Business Center at Forsyth Tech have proven invaluable to me and my company. I have learned so much through both the one-on-one small business counseling and the seminars/roundtables. I highly recommend these services to anyone running or thinking of starting a small business!

Jill Battersby
Autism Achievement Unlimited, Inc.


The coaching was very helpful and we had fun too. Lots of brainstorming which is rewarding with the ideas we came up with. My counselor is genuinely interested and has a creative and open-minded approach. I appreciate his efforts.

Sally Billman
Design DeLight

I appreciate the referral. We made an appointment next week. I can almost feel the anxiety melting away. Thank you for the gift of your time. I am so appreciative that the Small Business Center (and Bill Snow) are resources available to our community.

Reverend Candis Burgess

Our community is very fortunate to have a resource like the Small Business Center.  The instructors have a passion for helping others succeed. I’ve taken several classes offered by FTCC’s Small Business Center and each one provided useful knowledge that I was immediately able to incorporate in to my business.

Joe Crews
JIT Solutions Group

triad inventory

The Small Business Center has been a TREMENDOUS resource for me over the years!  I have attended seminars through the SBC before my company started up until now.  They have experts on board who are able to help me navigate various aspects of my business which is an immeasurable asset.  I would recommend the SBC to anyone with or without a business.

Ja’Net Adams
Professional Financial Literacy Speaker at EMACK Consulting, LLC


The Small Business Center is a valuable community resource for individuals like myself who are starting a small business. I appreciate the personal attention I receive through one-on-one counseling sessions with a trained professional. There is a wealth of courses that are taught by professionals and will be helpful to me during every phase of building my business in downtown Winston-Salem.

Anonymous Client

I had no idea the opportunities Forsyth Tech offered….and they are free.  Wow, the counseling services are free and come right to us.  So many options, right in our own back yard.

Chris Comer
Kernersville Chamber of Commerce


The Small Business Center has been invaluable in assisting us with the start-up of our business in Winston-Salem. The SBC has provided resources, counseling, insight, and key information during our start-up phase, and into our first months. From what organizations to join, or linking us up with business counselors and mentors, the SBC has gone above and beyond. If you are starting a business, or want to improve, see the SBC.

Barry and Pamela Johnson
Piedmont Zippy Shell


Your organization is what this city needs for anyone who wants to start a business no matter how big or small. I have had some challenges in starting this business but I you kept my spirits up and I will not give up. I know that the Family Fun Center of the Triad will be a featured attraction in this city and employment for young people will be a plus.

Sandra V. Williams
Family Fun Center of the Triad

family fun