The Student Government Council

The Student Government Council (SGC) is intended to be a laboratory of development for motivated students. People who get involved find themselves learning, growing and doing things they never thought they could do. This is a program in which students can test their education, experiment with social and group dynamics and make positive personal changes without fear of criticism.

The SGC, with the Student Activities staff, manages the student activities budget and meets in business sessions. During the meetings, the members address student issues and plan and produce student activities such as Fall Festival, Spring Fling, Constitution Day, the Black History Month program, Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration, blood drives, leadership workshops and other projects. During meetings and projects, students learn and practice parliamentary procedure, group skills, teamwork, project management and gain the experience of getting things done in a large institution. Some students choose to work with the budget, practice secretarial skills or do advertising, student publications and other public information duties.

The SGC also represents the student body to the college administration. The SGC president serves on the Forsyth Technical Community College board of trustees as a nonvoting member and reports to the SGC about board activities when appropriate. The SGC also serves as a vehicle of communication to the students for the administration. Members of the SGC attend statewide conferences approximately twice a year. During the conferences, students meet student leaders from community colleges across the state.

They have an opportunity to share ideas and concerns and learn leadership skills in workshops.

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