How To Dress For An Interview

What Your Clothes Say About You….

  • In an interview your attire plays a supporting role.
  • Appropriate attire supports your image as a person who takes the interview process seriously and understands the nature of the industry in which you are trying to become employed.
  • Your attire should be noticed as being appropriate and well-fitting, but it should not take center stage.
  • If you are aware that employees of an organization dress casually on the job, dress up for the interview unless you are specifically told otherwise by the employer.
  • Be mindful that your conduct, your interpersonal skills and your ability to articulate intelligent and well thought out responses to questions are the most important element.

Interview Attire Guidelines For Men & Women

  • Suit: A two-piece matched suit is always the best and safest choice.
  • Conservative colors: Dark grey, navy, and black are safe.  Solids or very subtle weave patterns or plaids are safest.
  • Cost/Quality: Invest in quality that will look appropriate during your first two or three years on the job. 
  • Even if you will wear jeans on the job, or the work environment is outdoors, wearing a suit to the interview shows you take the interview seriously. Dressing well is a compliment to the person(s) with whom you meet.   

Men’s Interview Attire

  • Suit (solid color-navy, black or dark grey)
  • Long sleeve shirts, even in summer. (White or coordinate with suit)
  • Belt
  • Tie
  • Dark socks, conservative leather shoes
  • Neatly trimmed facial hair and nails
  • Little or no jewelry-wear a conservative watch. Remove earring(s).

Women’s Interview Attire

  • Suit (navy, black or dark grey)
  • The suit skirt should be long enough so you can sit down comfortably
  • Coordinate blouse
  • Conservative shoes
  • Limited jewelry – wear conservative watch, simple earrings-studs
  • Neutral pantyhose
  • Shoes-choose a closed toe pump
  • Light make-up and perfume
  • Neatly manicured clean nails

Grooming Tips For Everyone

  • Hair: Should be clean and neat.
  • Shoes: Should be in polished condition.  Make sure heels are not worn.
  • Details: No missing buttons, no lint; and don’t forget to remove external tags and tacking stitches from new clothes.
  • Hands: Clean fingernails.
  • Fit: Clothes should be clean, neatly pressed, and fit properly.
  • Smell: Perfume or cologne should be used sparingly or not at all.  No odors in clothes. Don’t smell like smoke!
  • Pad Folios: Preferred over a bulky briefcase.  A small briefcase is also appropriate.  But if you have no reason to carry a briefcase, don’t.
  • Book bag: Leave it at home.