Programs Eligible for Federal Financial Aid

All Associate Degree programs and most diploma and certificate programs are approved for federal financial aid. The following diploma and certificate programs of study are eligible for federal student aid:

Code CIP Program Name
D25100 52.0301 Accounting
D35100 47.0201 *Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration
D60160 47.0604 Automotive Systems Technology
C55120 43.0107 *Basic Law Enforcement Training
D20100 26.1201 Biotechnology
D30120RP 10.0202 Broadcasting and Production Technology – Radio Production
C25120GE 52.0201 Business Administration-Globel Entrepreneurship
C25120HR 52.0201 Business Administration-Human Resources
C25120IB 52.0201 Business Administration – International Business
D45160AE 51.0999 Cardiovascular Sonography/Adult Echocardiography
D35180 46.0201 *Carpentry
D60130 47.0603 Collision Repair and Refinishing Tecnology
C60130ME 47.0603 Collision Repair and Refinishing Tech – Motocycle Engines
C25260 11.0103 Computer Information Technology
C2526OH 11.0103 Computer Infromation Technology-Helpdesk Operations
D25260 11.0103 Computer Infromation Technology-Helpdesk Operations
D25130 11.0201 Computer Programming
C25130CP 11.0201 Computer Programming
C25130AN 11.0201 Computer Programming-ASP.Net
C25130JP 11.0201 Computer Programming-JAVA Programming
D50210 48.0503 Computer Integrated Maching
C50210CN 48.0503 Computer Integrated Maching – CNC Certificate
C55180 43.0104 Criminal Justice Technology
C5518A 43.0106 Criminal Justice Technology/Latent Evidence
C55210 43.0116 Cyber Crime Technology
D45240 51.0601 *Dental Assisting
D60460 47.0613 Diesel and Heavy Equipment Tech Diploma
C60460 47.0613 Diesel and Heavy Equipment Tech Certificate
C55220A 13.121 Early Childhood Education-Administration
C55220 13.121 Early Childhood Education-Early Childhood
C55220EI 13.121 Early Childhood Education-Early Intervention
C55220IT 13.121 Early Childhood Education-Infant and Toddler
D55220 13.121 Early Childhoold Education
C40200 15.0303 Electronics Engineering Technology
D35130 46.0302 *Electrical Systems Technology Diploma
D55240 43.0201 Fire Protection Tech Diploma
D55280 24.0102 General Occupational Technology Diploma
D25610 52.0203 Global Logistics & Distribution Man. Tech – Global Logistics Tech Dipl
C25610 52.0203 Global Logistics & Distribution Man. Tech – Global Logistics Tech Cert
C25610GI 52.0203 Global Logistics & Distribution Man. Tech – Geographic Information Systems Cert
D30180 50.0409 Graphic Arts and Imaging Technology
C15240NG 1.0601 Horticulture Technology-Greenhouse and Nursery Operations
C15240LA 1.0601 Horticulture Technology-Landscape Architecture
C15240LM 1.0601 Horticulture Technology-Landscape Maintenance
C15240MG 1.0601 Horticulture Technology – Market Gardening
D45380 51.1599 Human Services Technology
C45380DV 51.1599 Human Services Technology/Domestic Violence Intervention
C45380PC 51.1599 Human Services Technology – MH/SA Peer Coach
C45380SS 51.1599 Human Services Technology-Social Services
C45380SA 51.1599 Human Services Technology-Substance Abuse
D4538B 19.0702 Human Services Technology-Gerontology
D50240 15.0499 Industrial Systems Technology
C45410C 51.0901 Interventional Cardiac and Vascular Technology – Cardiac
C45410V 51.0901 Interventional Cardiac and Vascular Technology – Vascular
D45800 51.092 Magnetic Resonance Imaging – Advanced Placement
D25310 51.0705 Medical Office Administration
C25310AC 51.0705 Medical Office Administration – Advanced Medical Office Coding
C25310MR 51.0705 Medical Office Administration-Medical Receptionist
D20190 15.1601 Nanotechnology
C20190CT 15.1601 Nanotechnology-Clinical Trials Research
C25340CE 11.0901 Network Technology-Linux RHCE
D25340EA 11.0901 Network Technology-MCITP-EA
D25340NS 11.0901 Network Technology-Networking Security
D25370 52.0204 Office Administration
C25370AS 52.0204 Office Administration Application Specialist
D25380 22.0302 Paralegal Technology
C25380B 22.0302 Paralegal Technology/Business Practice
C25380R 22.0302 Paralegal Technology-Real Property
D45580 51.0805 Pharmacy Technology
D35300 46.0503 *Plumbing Diploma
C35300 46.0503 *Plumbing Certificate
D45660 51.3901 Practical Nursing
C25390IS 52.0201 Project Management Technology – Information Systems
D55440 13.1202 School Age Education
C55440SC 13.1202 School Age Education – School Age Care
C55440SE 13.1202 School Age Education – Special Education
D45750 51.3501 Therapeutic Massage
C45750MA 51.3501 Therapeutic Massage Massage Practitioner I
C45750MB 51.3501 Therapeutic Massage Massage Practitioner II
C25290MA 11.0401 Web Technologies – Mobile Application
C25290MA 11.0401 Web Technologies – Social Media
C50420 48.0508 Welding Technology
D50420 48.0508 Welding Technology

* These programs are disbursed on a clock hour basis instead of a credit hour basis.