Sponsored Student Procedures

Sponsored students (those having an agency pay their tuition) should follow these guidelines:

  • Register for classes through normal registration process.
  • Bring authorization to business office at appropriate campus center (Main Campus for Curriculum, West Campus for Continuing Education only), or verify that a copy has been sent to the Business Office by the sponsor. Curriculum sponsored students must come by the cashier’s window on main campus to transfer charges, this is not an automatic process.
  • Student cannot have outstanding financial obligation to the college.
  • If there are any schedule changes, you must return to the Business Office to clear your account balance. (Your classes will be purged if there is any remaining balance.)
  • If you decide to drop a class(es), you must drop the class(es) in the Records Office (Oak Grove Center, Room 2403) by the appropriate deadline (before the 10% point of class).
  • If the college cancels a class, you will be refunded 100 percent of that class charge.

Curriculum sponsored student questions can be addressed to Jennifer Gay at 336.734.7391.

Continuing Education sponsored student questions can be addressed to Gavin Hale at 336.734.7364.