Pay in Full and Payment Plan Instructions

Our online payment plan and full payment process has changed.  Please use the following steps when setting up your payment plan or online payment:

  1. Choose the ‘Pay in Full & Payment Plan’ at the bottom of this page.
  2. On the following screen you will be asked for Student ID number, Birthdate (Must be the format of:  03/17/84), and Term that you would like to setup.

    Enter Information 

  3. You will be brought to a confirmation screen.  Please verify that everything is correct before continuing.

    NOTE:  If using Internet Explorer 8, please choose No if you receive a message like the one below.

    IE Security Warning 

    NOTE:  If using Internet Explorer 7, please choose Yes if you receive a message like the one below.


  4. To continue, click the e-Cashier button.


  5. Please read and follow the directions on the next screen closely.  When you are ready, click the “Proceed” button.


 Pay in Full