Book Collection

The Library contains over 42,000 books that are divided into two main collections. The Reference Collection contains dictionaries, encyclopedias, and directories, in short, works that you would normally consult or “refer” to for information instead of having to read an entire book for the information. For this reason, Reference books may not leave the library.

Circulating books, on the other hand, may be borrowed for a period of two weeks with renewal options. Though there are no overdue fines for materials returned after their due date, you may find that failure to return library materials will result in blocking your ability to register for future classes, and you are held responsible for any lost items. Overdue reminders are sent out periodically throughout the semester.

Sometimes instructors may want to place books or articles on “Reserve” in the library. These items are kept behind the Circulation Desk and usually are only available for use in the Library.

The contents of all of our collections are easily accessible through our online catalog that offers many ways to look up materials. Besides searching by author and title, you may also look up resources by subject headings or “key words.” Keyword searching is useful if you are uncertain of the correct subject heading or if you need to search for word combinations such as “North Carolina and crime.”


Periodicals include newspapers, magazines, journals, newsletters or anything that comes out over a “period” of time. Currently we carry 239 subscriptions (this does not include online titles).  You may browse the periodical collection, but the most effective way to find articles on a particular subject is by using a periodical index. We have many to choose from including the New York Times Index, Readers’ Guide to Periodical Literature, and NC Live (

Periodicals do not circulate; however, there are four copiers available if you need copies. Our charge is ten cents per page.