Student Success Center FAQ

What is academic advising?

Advising is a collaborative process where students meet with an advisor to discuss their academic career. Advising incorporates program evaluation, course planning, support services and many other topics depending on student needs.

How do I see a counselor/advisor?

Go to Room 164 in the Student Success Center and sign in at the front desk.  If you would like to make an appointment, just call (336) 734-7156.

How do I know which classes transfer to a university?

The classes with an “A” transfer and the class description indicates if it transfers or not.

Can you assist and/or help me with my resume and/or cover letter?

Yes, Career Services has WinWay Resume software to help student construct a resume, cover letter and a tutorial for interviewing skills.

Where do I go if I need special help due to a disability?

Please contact Disability Services Office located on Main Campus in the Allman Center Room 148.  The telephone number is (336) 734-7155.

Do I have to speak to a group if my communication is online?

No, all projects are due online.

How will I know what accommodations I can receive from the Disability Services Office?

Accommodations are based on the documentation and on a case by case basis.