Title III Grant

“Increasing Student Success through Effective Academic Advising”

Title III, Part A
Strengthening Institutions Program
Forsyth Technical Community College


Project Summary

Title III Grant Activity

By September 2010, a new paradigm of Student Success is adopted that uses student goal attainment as the primary determinant of “success” and will be measured by the following master activity outcomes:

  1. 100 percent of new credit students will participate in career planning and orientation sessions.
  2. 100 percent of new students will participate in the development of an Electronic Student Profile.
  3. Effective advising through the Student Success Center will ensure 75 percent of students attain their educational and career goals as determined by their Individual Learning Plan.

Title III Grant Activity Objective

Design and implement a more effective and efficient academic advising system to engage the student and advisor in an interactive relationship that will support the attainment of the student’s educational and career goals.