Non-Cash and Endowed Giving

Gifts of Securities

Securities may be donated in two forms:

  • Publicly Traded Securities: Securities that are traded on the New York, American Stock Exchanges or NASDAQ Market or other readily marketable securities are accepted by The Foundation. Securities accepted by The Foundation are generally sold as soon as practical. No agreement shall be made with a donor prior to or subsequent to a gift that such securities will be held for any period of time.
  • Closely Held Securities: Non-publicly traded securities will be accepted upon prior approval from The Foundation.

Benefits of Your Gifts

A donor who owns appreciated securities (held more than 12 months), can benefit in two ways by making a gift of securities to The Forsyth Tech Foundation.

  • You will be able to claim a charitable income tax deduction for the full value of the shares. The deduction is limited to 30 percent of the donor’s adjusted gross income in the year of the gift. As with outright gifts of cash, any amount exceeding the contribution ceiling can be carried forward and deducted for up to five more years.
  • The donor will avoid the capital gains tax that would have been due if he or she sold the shares.

Gifts of securities to the Forsyth Tech Foundation may be handled in several ways. You may make your gift by:

  1. Electronic Transfer:
    Electronic Transfer is the easiest way to transfer securities to Forsyth Tech. If your stock is held at a broker, notify the broker that you wish to make a gift of securities to the Forsyth Tech Foundation. Your broker will need written authorization from you before they can make the transfer. Be sure to tell them the name of the stock that you want to transfer, the number of shares and where you would like your gift to be designated.

    The Forsyth Tech Foundation’s tax ID number is 56-1070364.

    For our current electronic transfer information and account number, please contact Edyce Elworth at The Foundation, by phone at 336.734.7296 or by email at Shares are sometimes transferred into our account without information including the donor’s name. The phone call will allow us to match up the donor’s name with the correct stock gift.

  2. Mailing Stock Certificates:
    If your securities are not held at a broker you may mail the certificates to:

    Ms. Edyce Elworth
    Forsyth Tech Foundation
    2100 Silas Creek Parkway
    Winston-Salem, NC 27103-5197

    If mailing, send your unendorsed certificate(s) and a cover letter (including your name, address and purpose of the gift) in one envelope. In a second envelope, send a signed, signature guaranteed, stock power. We strongly recommend using registered mail to forward your certificates and stock power. Please DO NOT mail endorsed certificates. Once the certificate is endorsed, it is legal tender and can be exchanged by anyone. We strongly recommend that certificates not be sent to a transfer agent for registering in the College’s name. This is unnecessary and may result in needless delays.

  3. Hand Delivery:
    Certificates may be given to Edyce Elworth, Allman Center Room #419 on the Forsyth Tech Main Campus.

To ensure proper crediting and distribution of your gift, or if you have any questions regarding gifts of securities, please call or write:

Ms. Edyce Elworth
Forsyth Tech Foundation
2100 Silas Creek Parkway
Winston-Salem, NC 27103-5197
Phone: 336.734.7296

Gifts of Real Property

Many donors, particularly older citizens, appreciate the tax benefits and the simplicity of making gifts of real property to The Foundation as opposed to the task of managing or selling the property themselves.

Some donors prefer to make a gift of real property with the understanding that The Foundation will sell it at the earliest logical opportunity and use the proceeds to establish an endowed fund — sometimes in honor or in memory of a friend or family member.

Any gain on the sale of property donated to The Foundation is not taxed to the donor, provided the property was not subject to a binding agreement to sell created prior to the gift. Also, the sale of the property by The Foundation is generally tax-free.

For more information about this form of giving, contact Edyce Elworth at 336.734.7296 or at

Endowed Gifts

Endowed Gifts begin at the $25,000 level. This gift ensures that the scholarship, program, lectureship or other vehicle that is created for this minimum amount will continue in perpetuity. There are also many naming opportunities available at Forsyth Tech.  Learn more by contacting Angela Bryant at 336.734.7618

Current Endowed Gifts

  • The Don Angell Nursing Scholarship
  • RJR Archer
  • The John P. Arrowood Sr. Memorial Scholarship
  • Tom Blair Legacy Grant
  • Daniel Bradley Barrow Scholarship in Engineering Technologies
  • Branner Dixon Baldwin Scholarship in Practical Nursing
  • C. David Kepple Memorial Faculty Award
  • Katherine Kiser Marshall Scholarship in Nursing
  • Mary Bledsoe Lauerman Nursing Scholarship
  • Lucent Technologies
  • David W. Lewis Scholarship in Accounting
  • The Medlin Scholarship Fund
  • Montgomery Tucker Faculty Award
  • Steve Moser Scholarship in Paralegal Technologies
  • William H. Moser Scholarship in Paralegal Technologies
  • The William H. Moser Family Paralegal Program
  • The Rotary Club of Clemmons Scholarship – Terry R. Alexander Scholarship
  • James A. Rousseau, II Minority Male Mentoring Program
  • Thomas E. Shown Scholarship in Practical Nursing
  • Grover Shugart Women’s Center
  • The Tom Staley Scholarship
  • Spencer Waggoner Endowed Scholarship
  • Wachovia Endowed Scholarship

There are numerous other non-endowed scholarships. Please contact the Student Financial Services Office at 336.734.7235