Forsyth Tech Fills Key Strategic Leadership Positions

Forsyth Technical Community College has announced it has filled three key senior positions, adding depth to the college’s leadership team. Chris Pearce has been promoted to Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Information Technology Services. Anna Marie Smith has been hired as Associate Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer. Linda Latham has been promoted to Dean for the Health Technologies division.
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Competing to Learn

Light bulbs filled with gears inside of two heads that are drawn with what resembles wires connecting to the light bulbs

Many of the advantages of attending Forsyth Tech are well-understood—affordable tuition, small class sizes, program variety, and flexible class schedules that accommodate students with family and job responsibilities. Another often overlooked plus involves the quality of the Forsyth Tech faculty. Students gain real-world perspectives from their instructors who have practical work experience and subject and industry expertise. Instructors often bring another academic edge to the college: a keen understanding of the educational value of competitions that test students’ skills and knowledge and offer them life and educational experiences that can take them in new directions.
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“Don’t Let Anybody Tell You What You Can’t Do.”

Douglas Richburg

Douglas Richburg, GED, Associate Degree Student

Overcoming Challenges

Douglas Richburg never thought that he would go to college. In fact, he was discouraged from even trying. “I never had a strong support system and people in other educational settings told me that I would never amount to anything in life,” he recalls. “One person in a high position, someone that I would expect to get support from, even told other educators to let me leave the school system because I would never be anybody anyway.” Yet now Douglas is a student in Forsyth Tech’s Business Administration curriculum program, and is on track to receive his associate degree in spring 2017.
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