2018 Graduation

Graduating students of 2018

Here’s the latest news about our recent graduates!

Blake Johnson

New Beginnings

After an accident in 2015, Blake Johnson became a quadriplegic and was forced to sell his electrical business. He wasn’t sure what to do next.

“While in vocational rehabilitation, I decided I wanted to go back to school to pursue other opportunities,” Johnson said. He started

at Forsyth Tech and, with the guidance of Disability Services, he was able to take courses on campus and online.

“With the help of advanced technology, I used voice recognition and a mouse attached to a hat to operate the computer,” Johnson said. “I feel like I can help others who are in a similar situation, and my goal is to pursue a master’s degree and become a counselor. School was my saving grace—it kept my mind occupied,” Johnson said.

Johnson graduated with an associate of arts and currently attends Liberty University.


Angell May

Girl Power

As the only female in her Diesel and Heavy Equipment program, Angell May found it hard not to stand out. However, she wanted to be recognized for the skills she brought to the table.

May decided in high school she wanted to be a diesel mechanic. During her first day in HVAC class, she was nervous, but prepared. When the other students looked at her, not sure what to think, she said, “Hand me a ratchet, and I’ll take this blower motor apart.” Throughout her time in college, she didn’t have to say much more—her actions spoke louder.

She participated in two Top Tech Competitions and two National Competitions and was awarded the Women in Trucking Foundation/Ryder Scholarship for Diesel technician

training in January. In school, May maintained a 3.0 grade point average while working full time at Salem Nationalease, where she still works today.

May received her associate in applied science in diesel and heavy equipment technology. She continues to work hard, while her passion and determination help her stand out from the crowd.


Dwight and Hannah Mabe

Like Father, Like Daughter

After suffering an injury on the job, Dwight Mabe decided to go back to school to work toward another career.

“Choosing Forsyth Tech was an easy decision—after all, my wife and three children attended school here,” Dwight said. “I really enjoyed my time at Forsyth Tech. I was blessed to have great instructors the two years I was earning my associate degree.”

Dwight, along with his eldest daughter, Hannah, participated in commencement in May. Dwight graduated with an associate in applied science in supply chain management/global logistics technology. Hannah completed early college and graduated with an associate in arts. She currently attends Regent University with a major in nursing and business management.

His youngest daughter, Olivia, is now a sophomore in early college. Dwight’s son, Samuel, graduated from middle college and started the radiography program this fall, and his wife, Stacey, will be finishing pre-requisites for the medical sonography program.

With Dwight’s injury in the past and new opportunities on the horizon, one thing is clear: the best is yet to come for this Forsyth Tech family.


Trazon Mitchell

Choose Success

Trazon Mitchell wasn’t sure he wanted to attend the early college at Stokes. But then he changed his mind—and he’s glad he did.

Mitchell started school in August 2014, determined to achieve academic and personal success. He was offered more than $1 million in scholarships and accepted to more than 15 universities.

“My education at the early college fortified my ability to think critically, as well as apply conceptual and abstract ideas to real life situations,” said Mitchell. “The rigors of the early college also pushed me to rise to the challenge. The faculty inspired us to expand our knowledge for a lifetime to become impactful leaders and be the best we can be.”

In addition to his academic success, Mitchell served in numerous volunteer roles in the community. He was also nominated as a delegate to represent North Carolina at the Congress of Future Medical Leaders for academic and community achievement.

Mitchell currently attends the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a major in computer science and a minor in statistics. His achievements are proof that all it takes is a little determination, and a lot of hard work, to accomplish great things.


Angela Dumont

Works of the Heart

While homeschooling four children, Dumont began taking classes at Forsyth Tech in January 2015. In August 2016, she entered the cardiovascular sonography program. Dumont continued homeschooling while attending classes and clinical labs and was still able to maintain a 4.0 grade point average.

“It definitely took a lot of planning and determination,” Dumont said. “It was all worth it, though.”

In 2017, Dumont became president of

the cardiovascular branch of the Student Sonography Association. For her last clinical

rotation, she applied to Duke University Hospital and was hired for an internship—a position awarded to two students per year.

Dumont graduated with an associate in applied science in cardiovascular sonography and is currently an adult echocardiographer at Duke University Hospital.

Through it all, she has always tried to be a model of perseverance for her children. Her efforts paid off: Dumont’s daughter graduated from high school this past spring with a full scholarship to Guilford College.