Staying on the Road to Healthy Living

Liz Hronek and business collaborators

If your New Year’s resolutions included starting your journey to health and wellness, here’s a fellow traveler you need to meet.

Liz Hronek has been down this road for most of her life, dealing with her weight and her relationship with food. Even though she was active when she was young, at 8-years-old, her doctor told her she was fat and needed to go on a diet. She went to Weight Watchers but felt the program wasn’t conducive to embrace the needs of children. Besides, she explained, “I was traumatized and didn’t value anything about myself.”

Caption for the photo: President of Forsyth Tech, Dr. Janet Spriggs; Mayor Allen Joines; Miss Fit Boss, Liz Hronek, and Director of the Small Business Center, Allan Younger speaking at the reception for Ms. Hronek on Jan. 9, 2019.

Throughout her teenage years, Hronek continued to gain weight and in her sophomore year of college, she weighed 300 lbs. One day in class, she thought she had an accident. However, when a friend took her to the campus health center, she found out she was pregnant. Hronek gave birth to a baby girl the next day.

With her daughter, she realized she was responsible not only for herself, but for her daughter’s life and outlook and wanted her to grow up with a different perspective. “I got to the realization that I’m kind of important,” said Hronek. “Everybody has a purpose and so do I.” She knew she had something awesome to share with others.

In 2008, she started a low-carb, high protein diet and lost 50 pounds. Then Hronek went on to work with a personal trainer entering bodybuilding competitions and lost another 101 pounds.

Becoming passionate about personal training, Hronek became certified in both personal training and nutrition therapy. She attended classes at the Small Business Center at Forsyth Technical Community College and said, “I couldn’t have opened Miss Fit Boss without the support of the Small Business Center.”

Launching Miss Fit Boss online, she now coaches clients both online and 1-on-1 about fitness, weight and nutrition, knowing they can relate to each other through similar struggles.

“My goal is to encourage and motivate others; I want to empower millions to improve their health,” said Hronek. “I’m also interested in collaborating with anyone interested in helping decrease the level of childhood obesity.”

Hronek’s oldest daughter is now 13 and she has another daughter who is 4-years-old. “I want to be a role model for them, showing them that I’m committed to my health and hope this teaches them beneficial skills for the rest of their lives.”

On January 9, 2019, the Small Business Center held a reception to honor Hronek who has been featured on “Good Morning America,” and in the January 14, 2019 edition of People magazine.