A sweet surprise for someone stuck inside on his 94th birthday

Harley Affeldt expected an uneventful birthday.

After all, he was turning 94 years old. That made going out for a birthday meal a big no-no in the age of the new coronavirus, which is particularly lethal for people over the age of 65. And because of their age, they aren’t seeing any visitors for fear they might contract the virus.

The Affeldts also live in Arbor Acres, which is restricting visitors to protect its residents.

But March 31 wound up being a pretty special day for Affeldt, a World War II veteran and the first employee of Forsyth Technical Community College back in 1960.

For one thing, Virginia, his wife of 68 years, who is also 94, was able to continue a tradition that she started when they first married — spelling out “I Love You” in toothpicks on the kitchen table.

“I thought his birthday would just be us,” Virginia said, “and that this would be the first year without a birthday cake.”