Amy Greeson, Founder of Natural Discoveries, Joins the National Center for Biotechnology Workforce as a Laboratory Tenant

Amy Greeson, pharmacist and founder of Natural Discoveries, a drug discovery/novel compound discovery company, has joined The National Center for Biotechnology Workforce (NCBW) as a laboratory tenant.

“Through Natural Discoveries, we are looking for ways to identify and use plants and compounds in a variety of ways to bring safe pharmaceutical, nutritional, agricultural and natural skin care products to the world.” said Greeson.”

As Greeson shared, her travels with the Natural Discoveries team has guided her to remote, bio-diverse regions of the world often leading to challenging even hazardous situations. Greeson and her partners continue to investigate potentially life-changing discoveries.

Greeson also consults with NCBW Lab Coordinator Jason Gagliano to study, analyze and prepare extracts and specimens which are sent to researchers within universities, companies and corporations. She has also been working this semester with a group of Forsyth Technical Community College science students on a collaborative project.

“We are delighted to welcome Amy as the first researcher to share lab space with us,” said Russ Read, executive director of the National Center for Biotechnology Workforce. “We anticipate many opportunities to collaborate with Amy in the future.”


Amy Greeson

Amy Greeson


About Natural Discoveries

Natural Discoveries, Inc. (NDI) is a natural products discovery research company specializing in bringing new medicinal plants and compounds to institutions and companies for development as commercial products in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, agricultural and cosmetics industries. We supply specimens for testing and analysis as well as the information necessary to commercialize unique and unknown medicinal plants and compounds. This includes information on sourcing the product, acquiring exclusive agreements, obtaining harvesting and exporting permits, specimen collection and processing, pre-screening for treatment effectiveness, and general costing structure for landed product.

About the National Center for the Biotechnology Workforce (NCBW)

The National Center for the Biotechnology Workforce (NCBW) has strong ties to national bioscience workforce development back to 2005. It has led several federally funded bioscience workforce initiatives. The NCBW work focuses on capacity building, best practice and skills standard generation. The National Center for Biotechnology Workforce is part of the Economic Development Workforce of

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