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Munic Public Relations NEW VERSION 2014

Course Course Title Class Lab/ Shop Clinical/ Co-op Credit
FIP 256 Munic Public Relations NEW VERSION 2014 3 0 0 3
Prerequisites: None
Corequisites: None
Effective Term: Fall 2014
This course is a general survey of municipal public relations and their effect on the governmental process referenced in NFPA standard 1035. Topics include principles of public relations, press releases, press conferences, public information officers, image surveys, and the effects of perceived service on fire protection delivery. Upon completion, students should be able to manage public relations functions of organizations which meet elements of NFPA 1021 for Fire Officer I and II.
·Student Learning Outcomes
·1. Describe the relationship between the media and the fire service.
·2. Develop a press release for a specified incident.
·3. Demonstrate knowledge of the public information officer's responsibilities.
·4. Demonstrate the ability to manage a press conference.
·5. Discuss the use and management of social media in fire and emergency service organizations.

2014FA - New Course Version (S23912)


  • : Comprehensive Articulation Agreement - This course is recommended for students transferring to a four-year university.
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