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Mathematical Concepts I NOT AVAILABLE 2014

Course Course Title Class Lab/ Shop Clinical/ Co-op Credit
MAT 141 Mathematical Concepts I NOT AVAILABLE 2014 Comprehensive Articulation Agreement 3 0 0 3
Prerequisites: (DMA 010 and DMA 020 and DMA 030 and DMA 040) or MAT 121 or MAT 171
Corequisites: None
Effective Term: Fall 2014

This course is the first of a two-course sequence that develops a deeper understanding and appreciation of the basic concepts of mathematics. Emphasis is placed on sets, logic, number bases, elementary number theory, introductory algebra, measurement including metrics, and problem solving. Upon completion, students should be able to communicate orally and in writing these basic mathematical concepts. This course has been approved to satisfy the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement general education core requirement in natural sciences/mathematics.

2013FA - New State Prereq: (DMA 010 and DMA 020 and DMA 030 and DMA 040)

2014FA - Course Not Available - Please See Advisor


  • : Comprehensive Articulation Agreement - This course is recommended for students transferring to a four-year university.
  • : Local Requirement
  • : Instructional Service Agreement
  • : Universal General Education Transfer Component (UGETC)
  • : Global Distinction
  • : Requisite(s)