Preparing for a Sea Change in U.S. Manufacturing: Forsyth Tech Takes the Lead

People at a confrence

For more than 30 years, the U.S. manufacturing industry witnessed an exodus in manufacturing operations to countries overseas where wages and other operational costs were much lower. Now, many of those operations are returning to the U.S. The American manufacturing industry is again starting to thrive and is no longer characterized by dirty, dark and dismal working conditions. Today’s manufacturing work environments are dynamic, technology-driven and clean.
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Meet Forsyth Tech’s 2014-15 Student Ambassadors

Student ambassadors

Being selected as a Student Ambassador is one of the greatest honors a Forsyth Tech student can receive. The criteria to become an Ambassador include being a full-time student with a GPA of 3.0 or higher, having completed at least one semester at Forsyth Tech, having a thorough knowledge of the college, and successfully impressing the selection committee during an intense interview process. Those who are selected then serve at numerous functions and events, representing the college in a responsible, ethical and professional manner while portraying a positive image of the institution.  In return, the students gain leadership skills, public speaking experience, develop better interpersonal communication, and receive full tuition and fees paid for their time as Ambassadors.
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Alumni Success Story: Hayden Shuping


When Hayden Shuping graduated from Mount Tabor High School in 2008, he knew he wanted to do something that would let him use his hands. He chose Horticulture because of an interest that went back to childhood. “Growing up my grandma always had a vegetable garden and a rose garden,” he says, “and my mom was constantly out in the yard working. I’d ask her a hundred questions about plants just because I found them fascinating. So I decided Horticulture was a really good option.”
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