Childcare Is an Advantage for Forsyth Tech Employees

Kesa Jessup Picture

“Having childcare where you work is an immense convenience factor”, said Kesa Jessup, Student Retention Manager at Forsyth Tech. Her daughter, Kalli, started at the Carol L. Danforth Early Childhood Lab School when she was 3 ½ years old.

“She had been going to ‘Grandmother’s Camp’ up until that time,” Kesa said. “Then, it was time for her to learn to play with other kids.”

As an only child, Kalli had more occasions to interact with adults than with other children so as Kesa described, “she was not a shrinking violet!” Even though full of confidence when she started, Kalli learned more about how to engage with people closer to her age. Now as one of the older children, she has her chance to show the younger children how to relate to others.
Kalli, now 5 years old, completed kindergarten this past spring and is spending her second summer at the lab school. She knew her alphabet, colors and numbers before she went to kindergarten. She continues learning throughout the summer, getting individualized attention from the staff. The staff observe how children learn and connect with each other.

“The family atmosphere at the lab school is one of the reasons I like having Kalli here,” Kesa said. “I can hear her from my office! The staff knows Kalli and gives me great feedback about her learning and playing.”

Kesa notes that Kalli flourishes at the center, not only in her learning skills but in her artistic initiative in painting, singing and dancing.

“She loves to play dress up and pretend she is Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony or one of the Disney Descendants,” Kesa said. “She assigns who I’m supposed to be when we are playing. She’s a bundle of energy and I’m confident she’s happy here.”

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