Where do I go if I need tutoring or need to make up a test?

Tutoring is located at The Learning Center. FT Main Campus in Ardmore Hall, Room 143 –336.734.7480.


Where do I go if I need to have a test proctored?

The Academic Test Center is located in Hauser Hall – Room 254.  The Academic Testing Center proudly serves Forsyth Tech students and our community by providing proctoring services. We administer make-up and distance education examinations for Forsyth Tech students, as well as proctoring examinations for other schools, colleges, universities, and agencies.

The Academic Testing Center does not give the College Placement Test/ACCUPLACER. If you need to take the College Placement Test, you will need to contact the Admissions Testing Center at 336.734.7324.

To make appointments with the testing center, please visit Academic Testing Center.

If you have questions regarding our services, contact our office at LCTesting@forsythtech.edu.


I completed my GED at Forsyth Tech. How do I get a copy of that sent somewhere?

GED® records are issued by the state GED® office in Raleigh, regardless of where the student took the GED® exams.  Information on how to get a copy of your GED transcript can be found on the NC Community Colleges website, or by calling the office at 919.807.7139.


Where do I go if I want to use the on-campus computer lab?

For general classes please visit the Learning Center located on Main Campus in Ardmore Hall, Room 143 / 336.734.7480

Students taking Business Technology courses can use the Business Technology computer lab on Main Campus in Hauser Hall, Room 246 / 336.734.7223.

Our extension campuses offer non tutored computer labs.

  • The Northwest Forsyth Center, Room 106
  • The Grady P. Swisher Center, Room 110
  • Stokes County, Room 121C
  • The Mazie S. Woodruff Center, Room 106


I have had my transcripts from other colleges sent to Forsyth Tech, but I don’t think all of my credits were posted. What do I do?

Any questions pertaining to transfer credit, please contact the Records Office at 336.734.7472.


Where do I go to get a free unofficial transcript?

Only current students have access to retrieve unofficial transcripts.

Go to my.forsythtech.edu/Academics/Student Planning/Unofficial Transcript


Where do I go to get an official or unofficial transcript?

If you want to request a printed copy of your official transcript/academic record, go to the National Student Clearinghouse website


First, go to the Cashier’s Office on Main Campus in the Allman Center to pay the transcript fee of $3.00 per copy. Then, take your receipt to the Records Office in the Robert L. Strickland Center to fill out and sign the transcript request form (336.734.7472). You may indicate at that time whether you wish to have transcripts mailed or if you want to pick them up to take with you. The Records Office must have the student’s signature in order to release copies of transcripts.

If you are a former student or a current student who is not in the area (or you’d prefer to mail in your request), please see the information on the Records Office page.


Where do I go to change my major or program of study?

Students must complete a Change of Program form located at:

TechLink/College Services/Records/Forms/Program Change

An advisor must sign the form before the student submits.

If student is a veteran, then the form must be signed by Paige Lee before submission.


I am a current student who entered under a prior catalog version of my program but would now like to change to follow the newest catalog year/version of my program. What do I do?

Please come to the Records Office in the Robert L. Strickland Center to complete a catalog update form.

Be sure to meet with your advisor before making the change because it cannot be reversed.


How do I get my final grade?

Students can see final grades in their Techlink account via myForsythTech once grades are posted by their instructor.


How do I calculate my GPA?

Currently enrolled students (or if you have been enrolled within the past year), can use Techlink to see their GPA.  You can check grades by term or by your cumulative GPA using myForsythTech. Click on Student Planning, Unofficial Transcript.


Where do I go if I want to take a proficiency test?

Contact your Academic Advisor and they will tell you who can administer the test you need.


How do I get an Intent To Graduate form?

You can find Intent To Graduate forms at the following places

  • Online: Click here to access the online form
  • The Records Office on Main Campus in the Robert L. Strickland Center / 336.734.7472.