Career & College Promise: College Transfer Path

There are two College Transfer pathways to choose from:

Please stop by or call the educational partnerships office for more information on pathways. Students must choose one pathway. Only courses in the pathway are allowed. Changing of pathways is generally not permitted.


Eligibility Requirements:

  • Be a high school junior or senior at least 15 years of age.
  • Have a weighted high school GPA of 3.00 on all high school courses.
  • Meet prerequisites for all courses.
  • Demonstrate college readiness by achieving placement test scores as outlined in the state approved test score chart shown below. Students must take and pass all subsections of the NCDAP subtests (English, Reading and Mathematics) to place into the College Transfer Pathways. Multiple administrations of subsections are not permissible. Students may be allowed only one re-test with appropriate approval.
  • Students may take the NCDAP placement test, which is available at the college.
  • Courses taken at Forsyth Tech can be used for granting Articulated Credit at the high school level with Honors Credit status. (Please speak with your school counselor first)
  • All credits are transferable but may be considered elective credit if the Pathway is not completed.
  • All students must enroll and register in the Office of Educational Partnerships.


Submit to Office of Educational Partnerships:

  • Forsyth Tech Application PDF icon IMPORTANT: This cannot be completed online. We currently are not accepting applications through It must be a written application and must be turned into the Educational Partnerships office in person and be an original.
  • Consent Form PDF icon
  • FERPA Release Form PDF icon
  • Official high school and other college transcripts
  • Official test scores
  • In addition, home school students are required to have notarized transcripts, proof of age (birth certificate or driver’s license), and North Carolina Office of Non-Public Instruction proof of registration.


To maintain eligibility:

  • Must maintain a 2.0 GPA in all college coursework after completing at least two courses.
  • Continue to make progress toward high school graduation.


Fees & Textbooks:

Tuition is waived for curriculum classes for fall and spring semesters and some summer courses. Students are responsible for paying college fees each semester and for purchasing textbooks; however, some school systems may purchase textbooks for their students. Please contact Educational Partnerships with questions about textbooks.



Students will adhere to the Forsyth Tech college calendar, which is different than the public schools calendar.


For Additional Information, Please Contact:

The Office of Educational Partnerships at 336.734.7236 / 336.734.7379 / 336.734.7261 / 336.734.7466


College Readiness* Benchmarks on Approved Diagnostic Assessment Tests

Test SAT ACT NCDAP ( NCCCS) Cutscore
English Evidenced-Based Reading and Writing
18 Composite Score of 151 or higher
Reading Evidenced-Based Reading and Writing
22 Composite Score of 151 or higher


22 7 on each assessment for DMA 010 thru 060

*To be eligible for enrollment in a College Transfer Pathway, students must demonstrate college readiness in English, reading, and mathematics on an approved test or tests. Eligibility may be demonstrated by achieving the required scores on a single test or by combining test scores from any of the approved assessments. For example, a student may combine a 22 on ACT math with a 151 composite score on NCDAP Reading and English to demonstrate college readiness.