Transferring into a Nursing Program

If you are currently enrolled in a nursing program at another college or university and are interested in transferring into a nursing program at Forsyth Tech, there are specific deadlines and requirements that must be met for you to be considered for admission beyond the first semester. You must have successfully completed at least the first semester of a nursing program (must have included nursing coursework i.e. NUR 101 for PN, or NUR 111 for ADN with clinical) to be considered for transfer.


Transfer Deadlines:

Semester of Entry Deadline
Spring 2019 Thursday, October 25, 2018
Summer 2019 Thursday, February 21, 2019
Fall 2019 Thursday, June 13, 2019


Application Process:

All transfer applicants must consult with Sharon Moore, Director of Nursing,, prior to starting the application process to discuss eligibility and appropriate placement. Applicants may be required to repeat NUR courses that have been taken in a different sequence than our curriculum sequence at Forsyth Tech. After consultation and confirmation of eligibility with Ms. Moore, applicants should proceed with the following steps:

  1. Go to the Admissions Office and complete the online Residency Determination Service (RDS) and an Application for Admission. You CANNOT use the online application. Please notify the Admissions Receptionist that you want to apply for nursing transfer. When asked for the program of study on the application, you must indicate “Transfer into the Associate Degree Nursing or Practical Nursing Program”.
  2. Submit official transcript from high school/GED
  3. Submit official transcripts from ALL colleges attended.
  4. Applicants must also demonstrate English, Reading and Math Competencies to be eligible for program consideration. (see page 2 of the MAR packet for placement testing requirements.) Find more ADN MAR information here.
    Find more PN MAR information here.


All transcripts, placement test scores (if needed) and current TEAS scores from outside colleges must be submitted at time of application.


TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) Requirement:

All qualified applicants will be required to submit valid TEAS results with a passing rate of 60% or higher for ADN and 42% or higher for PN.  If you have taken the TEAS within the past 2 years, you must submit those scores with your application.  The TEAS must be valid through the deadline date for the semester for which you are applying (see above).

If you have not taken the TEAS or your test has outdated, you will be eligible to take the test at Forsyth Tech.  You will need to let Admissions know if you plan to take TEAS here.

The Admissions process and TEAS testing must be completed by the deadlines specified above.  There will be NO exceptions.  It is important that you plan ahead to allow for time to complete the TEAS by the deadline.

Once your file is complete, it will be sent to the nursing department for review and a final determination will be made in regards to admitting transfer applicants. Forsyth Tech readmitted students will have priority over transfer applicants. Ranking will occur just as for beginning nursing students. Here are the link to the Admissions Requirements ADN and PN MAR packets.

ADN transfer applicants will not be placed directly into NUR 213 (last semester), but rather will come in the semester prior to the last, if accepted.

PLEASE NOTE:  Transfer applicants must have a “B” or higher in NUR courses and a “C” or higher in the nursing related courses (see page 5 of the ADN, or page 4 of the PN Admissions Requirements MAR packet) to be eligible for consideration for transfer.

Applicants who have had 2 C’s D’s or F’s in their nursing courses, regardless of whether the courses were successfully repeated, are not eligible to transfer into any nursing program.  However, the student may apply to begin the entire ADN or PN program at Forsyth Tech and compete for admission as a new nursing student. (See the ADN or PN Admissions Requirements MAR packet for details about admission as a new nursing student.)

Eligible nursing transfer applicants are accepted on a space availability basis. Due to the determination of space availability, transfer applicants will be notified by the nursing department regarding their status just prior to the start of the semester for which they applied. Questions about transfer status should be directed to the nursing department.