Program of Study

Careers Available

After successful completion of Basic Law Enforcement Training course, a student is able to be a certified law enforcement officer in the State of North Carolina with local sheriff’s office, municipal police departments, company police, and state agencies.

Technical Standards

Technical Standards for BLET PDF icon

Recommended Courses and Skills

No one can enroll in Basic Law Enforcement Training until they are at least 20 years of age. Upon successful completion of high school or an equivalent program, students are urged to enroll in the Forsyth Tech Criminal Justice Technology A.A.S. programs. For more information about the Criminal Justice Technology Program contact the program coordinator, Anthony Edmond at 336-757-3075 or via email at

Cost of Class

To enroll in BLET the initial cost will be approx. $1200.00 dollars. This will include expenses for college fees, books, and uniforms that are required for BLET. This cost will vary if you decide to purchase additional uniforms.

Class Expectations

The BLET class is a mentally and physically demanding class. From the first day you will begin learning what it takes to become a successful law enforcement officer in North Carolina. Cadets realize early on that the BLET class can be hard, but they also realize the great instructors and BLET staff are here to help them throughout the course. As BLET cadets you will have the opportunity to meet officers/ instructors from many different departments across the area. This gives the cadets a chance to network with officers from various departments and ask them questions.

The NC Criminal Justice Standards and Training Division regulates and certifies the Forsyth Tech BLET program. The class rules are adopted by the NC Criminal Justice Standards and Training Division and are explained in detail to the cadets in the first block of instruction, Orientation.

Physical Fitness Training

Most people understand that law enforcement can be a physically demanding job. BLET incorporates physical fitness training as is required by the NC Criminal Justice Standards and Training Division. Individuals that are interested in enrolling in the BLET program should begin to physically prepare themselves prior to class starting. The physical fitness program consist of running, sit-ups, push-ups and other activities. Our top notch physical fitness instructors will work with you to help you become successful. The physical fitness portion should not be what stops you from enrolling in BLET. The required physical fitness test (POPAT) is achievable with hard work and a drive to be successful.

Program Offerings

Program Credential Level Offered Code
Basic Law Enforcement Training Certificate Day C55120

For Detention Officer Certification Course and In-Service Training information, visit this page.

Program Contact

For more information, please complete the contact form. Someone from the BLET will contact you to discuss the application process for the program.