Technical Standards for Carpentry

Our program technical standards have been developed to help students understand nonacademic standards, skills, and performance requirements expected of a student in order to complete this particular curriculum.

If accommodation is necessary to participate in the program, it is imperative to identify reasonable accommodations to those students who qualify under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Reasonableness is determined by Accessibility Resources and the program on a case-by-case basis utilizing the program technical standards. The accommodation needs to be in place prior to the start of the program, or it may delay your ability to start the program. It is the student’s responsibility to contact Accessibility Resources and request accommodations.

Skills> Description> Specific Examples
  • Communicate in the English language with all students, faculty and other employees of the college as well as potential employers and clients both in written form and orally.
  • Present information about individual projects, participate in group projects and discussions, follow printed directions, read & discuss construction plans & documents and demonstrate listening skills.
  • Communicate & print clearly for all aspects of the college including online classes, and labs.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in writing in documentation and electronic mail.
Physical Strength & Abilities
  • Physical strength sufficient to perform task related to the construction field.
  • Lift and carry 40lbs.
  • Climb Ladders and Scaffolding.
  • Push and pull 30lbs of weight.
  • Support 30lbs of weight.
  • Squeeze with hands.
Mobility & Motor Skills
  • Mobility and Motor skills sufficient to provide safe and sufficient use of tools on construction activities.
  • Lift power tools and materials.
  • Stand and maintain balance.
  • Safely use power tools and hand
  • Reach above shoulders.
  • Reach below waist.
  • Move within confined spaces.
  • Connected with the physical senses of touch, smell, hearing and sight.
  • Respond to voice commands in the classroom and field
  • Identify objects at close and distant range.
  • Use peripheral vision.
  • Respond to auditory alarms. (Backup alarms on equipment)
Interpersonal & Emotional
  • Skills required effectively communicating, interacting, and working with individuals and groups.
  • Fully participate in group assignments and projects.
  • Provide assistance to all when asked.
  • Help others safely navigate construction sites.
  • Maintain a positive attitude while onsite or in the classroom.
  • Basic Knowledge of computer
  • Login to Techlink.
  • Login to Blackboard and complete assignments.
  • Check email

This document is intended to serve as a guide regarding the physical, emotional, intellectual and psychosocial expectations placed on a student. This document cannot include every conceivable action, task, ability or behavior that may be expected of a student. Meeting these technical standards does not guarantee employment in this field upon graduation. Ability to meet the program’s technical standards does not guarantee a student’s eligibility for any licensure, certification exam, or successful completion of the degree program.